RWDevCon: Inspiration Talks Announced!

Check out the inspiration talk topics and descriptions from our upcoming tutorial conference: RWDevCon! By Ray Wenderlich.

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RWDevCon: Inspiration Talks Announced!

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As you probably know, the team and I are running an iOS conference next February focused on hands-on, high quality tutorials: RWDevCon.

What you might not know is in the afternoon, after a hard day’s work on tutorials, we’re going to switch things over to a more relaxed pace and cover what we call “inspiration talks.”

Inspiration talks are short 18-minute non-technical talks with the goal of giving you a new idea, some battle-won advice, and leaving you excited and energized.

I’ve been reviewing the speaker’s inspiration talk text in the past few weeks, and they’ve come up with some amazing material so far!

Today, we are happy to announce the topics and descriptions for all of the inspiration talks in the conference. You can find them on the official conference schedule here:

At this point there’s just 3 weeks until the conference – we can’t wait to see some of you in DC soon!