Introducing the Collection

The Collection brings the complete tutorial collection to you in a new and exciting way! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Update: April Fools, everyone! As many of you have already figured out, this entire post is a joke, so please don’t take anything inside seriously :]

Original post continues below!

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Our goal has always been to make high quality tutorials more accessible. More relevant. And ultimately, to fill more space on your bookshelf.

The Collection represents a new chapter in the relationship iOS developers have with learning.

It’s the most comprehensive book we’ve ever made, because it’s the first one that contains every tutorial we’ve ever writtenall 762 of them.

Keep reading to learn about how the book was made, what’s inside, and how to snag one of these beauties for yourself!

The One Book To Rule Them All

We have hundreds of tutorials on our site and in our books, which are well loved by the community.

But until now, we’ve never gathered them in one convenient place, that you can lovingly store on your bookshelf!

You may need a bigger bookcase.

You may need a bigger bookcase.

You may need a bigger bookcase.

The Collection contains every tutorial we’ve ever written, including:

  • iOS Tutorials: Navigation Controllers, Table Views, Scroll Views, ARC, Storyboards, iCloud, Collection Views, Passbook, Auto Layout, NSURLSession, Text Kit, Adaptive UI, App Extensions, CloudKit, WatchKit
  • Game APIs: Sprite Kit, Unity, Cocos2D, and Unreal Engine
  • Other tutorials: Android Development, Arduino, and more!

Once we put all these tutorials together, we were amazed to find the book was a whopping 22,864 pages and measures over 2 feet wide.

Furthermore, every tutorial in the book has been re-tested, tech edited and is fully up-to-date. To do this, our tech editor Brian Moakley spent 4 months full-time tech editing the book – with very little sleep and no bathroom breaks.

I think we broke our tech editor.

I think we broke our tech editor.

I think we broke our tech editor.

This book is truly the most comprehensive repository of iOS, Android, and Gaming knowledge ever to exist. And you can order today.

A Collection For Everyone

At, we understand that developers need to reflect their personal style on their bookshelf. So we designed two amazing options for you to choose from.

The Collection Sport Edition features an aluminum cover embossed with black lacquer, and a special fluoroelastomer bookmark designed by engineers specifically to help you keep your place in this massive tome. The bookmark is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft.

The Collection Sport Edition is our entry-level model, and is available for the low price of $399.

The Collection Gold Edition features a cover crafted from 18-karat gold that our metallurgists have developed to hold twice as many tutorials as standard book covers. The bookmark is adorned with polished sapphire crystal, providing a striking complement.


The Collection Gold edition only has a limited number of copies for sale, and will sell for $9,999.

Gold editions are signed by all 100 authors, and hand-delivered to your house by Ray, who will lovingly place it on your bookshelf. Please have a cold beer ready.

Where To Go From Here?

The team and I are happy to announce that this book is available now. Click one of the options below to order:



Make space on your bookshelf, start lifting some weights, and get ready for the most epic book you’ve ever read. Don’t be foolish, order today!