Black Friday Sale: Ultimate Pro Subscriptions for Just $299/year

Grab our best Black Friday deal of the year: an Ultimate Pro subscription gives you unlimited access to every single video course and book on our site, for just $299/year! By Chris Belanger.

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The Black Friday sale is live — and it’s bigger than ever!

If you’re looking to secure your spot as a top-rated mobile developer in 2021 (and beyond!), you can depend on to get you there. Our Ultimate Pro subscription has everything you need to stay secure and focused in the face of constant change.

This year, you can save big on our all-access Ultimate Pro subscription, just $299/year for a limited time only!

Our Black Friday Sale kicks off Monday, November 23, and ends Monday, November 30.

Ultimate Pro Subscriptions Just $299/year for Black Friday

The Ultimate Subscription combines the best of what you know and love from our site: our video courses and our books, in a single subscription.

As an Ultimate Pro subscriber, you’ll get unlimited access to the largest and highest-quality library of mobile development videos, as well as our extensive library of mobile development books. You can watch the videos as often as you like, and read the books as much as you like, as long as your subscription is active.

Books and Videos Included in Ultimate Pro

The Ultimate Pro subscription gives you access to every single book we have on the site, plus any future books we release on the site. And, again, you’ll receive automatic updates to the books in your collection to help you stay up-to-date as languages, platforms and frameworks evolve.

The Ultimate Pro Subscription also gives you access to all screencasts and video courses in our catalog (that’s over 4,000+ videos!), as well as every single video course that we release in the future. Here’s just some of our most recent popular video courses (and we’re adding new ones all the time):

And in addition to that, the Ultimate Pro Subscription also lets you download video courses and take them offline with our official app, available for both iOS and Android. That means you won’t have to burn mobile data while watching the latest videos on your daily commute, and you can continue to work through your video courses in areas where coverage is spotty.

With a yearly Ultimate Pro subscription, you’ll save more than 50% over the cost of a regular monthly plan — and you’ll get to keep this price every year after that for as long as you keep your subscription active!

If you’re looking for advanced content, we have you covered with books and videos on iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Unity, Server Side Swift, Dart, Flutter, machine learning, UI design, architecture, design patterns, algorithms, low-level graphics, and more. And we’re constantly releasing fresh new books and courses every month!

It’s great to have all books and videos available with just one subscription. I am learning a lot! Thanks!

— Vicente Úbeda (@vicentube) October 30, 2020

Just be sure to grab this great deal before the sale is over, as this is the best price we’ve offered all year on a subscription!

Note: Already a monthly subscriber? Good news: You’re eligible to upgrade to this deal — and you’ll lock in this great rate as well! Simply upgrade to the yearly subscription, and we will automatically credit you for any remaining days on your current monthly subscription, and then move you over to the new yearly subscription, locking in your new discounted rate.

Any Questions?

Check out our handy FAQ page about our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale here, with answers to questions about the what’s on offer and all the finer details:

Where to Go From Here?

Build your skills, prove your worth in the mobile development industry, and turn your dreams into reality with an Ultimate Pro subscription for just $299/year during our Black Friday Sale. There’s never been a better time to invest in yourself.

But don’t wait too long — the sale ends Monday, November 30. When the sale is over, it’s over…no extensions.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your support!