How to Create an iOS Book Open Animation: Part 2

Learn how to create an iOS book open animation including page flips, with custom collection views layout and transitions. By Vincent Ngo.

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Where To Go From Here?

You can download the final project from this part with all the code from the tutorial above.

In this tutorial, you learned how to apply custom layouts to collection views to give the user a more natural, and decidedly more interesting, experience with your app. You also created custom transitions and applied smart interactions to pinch a book opened and closed. Your app, while still solving the same basic problem, gives the application much more personality and helps it stand out from the rest.

Is it easier to go with the default “ease-in/ease-out” animations? Well, you could save a little development time. But the best apps have that extra bit of customized polish that makes them shine. Everyone remembers the apps they downloaded that were a lot of fun to use; you know, the ones that gave you a little UI thrill, but without sacrificing utility.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and again I would like to thank Attila Hegedüs for creating this awesome project.

If you have any question about this tutorial, please join the forum discussion below!