New Pro Course: Advanced MapKit!

Level up your MapKit knowledge and make your apps stand out with our new course: Advanced MapKit! Featured as part of our Ultimate subscription celebration. By Chris Belanger.

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(As part of the celebration of our new Ultimate subscriptions, we’re featuring select Pro video courses that are automatically included in the Ultimate Pro subscription. Today’s feature: Advanced MapKit!)

Using MapKit in iOS is a great a way to provide location information to your users. But you can leverage MapKit to do some really cool things such as create apps, provide directions, draw on the map and more.

Our newest course, Advanced MapKit, helps you bring the mapping features of your app to life with overlays, renderers, turn-by-turn directions, custom tiling, GeoJSON and more.

What’s Inside Advanced MapKit

Here’s what you’ll cover in this course:

  • First, you’ll review the concepts of renderers and overlays: basically, an overlay provides the information about where you are drawing on the map, while the renderer is what you are drawing. You have the option of creating you own renderer, but MapKit also has provided several renderers for you to use.
  • Next, you’ll learn how to draw on the map. You’ll see how you can apply your overlay and renderers to the map to create custom drawings.
  • While maps provide a lot of useful information on a macro level, they can be incredibly vague on a micro level.
    You’ll provide an extra level of detail to your maps through the use of images.
  • Next, you’ll learn how to fetch directions so you can provide turn-by-turn directions in your app just as if it had Apple Maps integrated inside of it.
  • Of course, providing written directions won’t be enough. You’ll work to provide your users with a visual representation of routes on a map. It’s easier to do than you might think!
  • Want to make your mapping app stand out from the rest? Of course you do! You’ll discover how to change the map tiles to a different provider to give your maps a distinct appearance.
  • And to take the customization even further, you’ll create an entirely new map with custom drawn elements to recreate the map with a fantasy look and feel.
  • Finally, you’ll learn how GeoJSON works, and incorporate GeoJSON in your app to support annotations!

When you’re done, you’ll have a great mapping framework built up that you can easily port to your other iOS apps to really make your mapping integrations shine.

Want to get a feel for what’s included in the video? You can start watching the first episode for free right here:

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