Introducing the iOS 9 Feast!

Check out the nine course “meal” to celebrate the iOS 9 release: the iOS 9 Feast! By Ray Wenderlich.

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It’s the iOS 9 release date, and you know what that means: time to party!

This year marks our 5th annual iOS release celebration: the iOS 9 Feast.

Introducing the iOS 9 Feast!

The iOS 9 Feast consists of 9 courses:

  • Appetizers: Beginning UIStackView & tvOS Tutorials
  • First Course: iOS Apprentice Fourth Edition
  • Second course: iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition
  • Third course: Core Data by Tutorials Second Edition
  • Fourth course: iOS 9 by Tutorials
  • Fifth course: watchOS 2 by Tutorials
  • Sixth course: Swift Apprentice
  • Seventh course: 2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials
  • Eighth course: iOS 9 Tutorial Month
  • Dessert: iOS 9 Feast Giveaway

During the iOS 9 Feast, we’ll help you get fully up-to-speed with iOS 9, Swift 2, tvOS, and watchOS 2 development, no matter how you prefer to learn. You’ll learn about UIStackView, iOS 9 Search APIs, Swift 2 error handling, GameplayKit, and much more.

Plus, we have over $18,000 in giveaways for lucky readers – our biggest giveaway yet!

Appetizers: Beginning UIStackView & tvOS Tutorials

UIStackView Tutorial

One of the most exciting new features in iOS 9 is the brand new UIStackView class, which makes creating cool customized layouts a snap.

We think you’re going to love it, so Jawwad Ahmad from the Tutorial Team has written a beginning UIStackView tutorial to show you the basics.

This tutorial is currently scheduled to run later this month. But what if you want it right now?

All you have to do is retweet this post to help get the word out! If/when the post reaches 100 retweets, we will immediately post the UIStackView tutorial to whet your appetite.

Learn how to make your first tvOS app!

But wait – there’s more!

As you know the Tutorial Team and I have been digging into tvOS ever since it was launched last Wednesday.

Kelvin Lau has been hard at work from day one making an awesome tutorial to help get you started with making your own tvOS apps with TVML! If this post reaches 200 retweets, we’ll release Kelvin’s tvOS tutorial early as well.

Get started with tvOS and UIStackView early – just click the button below!

First Course: iOS Apprentice Fourth Edition

Still hungry? Don’t worry, we’ve got a full course ready for you: the iOS Apprentice Fourth Edition!

The iOS Apprentice Fourth Edition

The iOS Apprentice is our book for complete beginners to iOS development. It has a series of epic-length tutorials that each show you how to build four complete apps from scratch.

In this update, Matthijs has completely updated the text and illustrations for Xcode 7, iOS 9, and Swift 2 to help get you fully up-to-date with the latest and greatest improvements in Apple’s development environment and programming language.

And best of all – this book is 100% complete and available today!

This is a free update for existing PDF customers – you can download the update on your My Loot page.

Did you know that iOS Apprentice was first written for iOS 5, and Matthijs has updated it for every version of iOS since then for free? You can’t beat that value! :]

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Second Course: iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition

iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition

Next, we are happy to announce the second edition of Marin Todorov’s popular book iOS Animations by Tutorials!

iOS Animations by Tutorials teaches you how to make delightful animations in your apps with Swift 2. You start with basic view and layer animations, move all the way through Auto Layout animations, view controller transitions, and finally look into third party animation libraries like Facebook’s Pop.

In the second edition, Marin has added 3 brand new chapters to the book:

  • Layer Springs: A tour of the shiny new CASpringAnimation class in iOS 9, which allows you to easily create layer spring animations.
  • Replicating Animations: Introduces the little known but powerful CAReplicatorLayer class. This is one of Marin’s favorite animation classes so you’re in for some fun!
  • Easy Animation: Learn how to get started with a third party animation library written by Marin that makes building complex animations really easy.

This is a free update for existing PDF customers, as our way of thanking you for supporting this site.

As part of the iOS 9 Feast, we are releasing a new iOS 9 book each week. iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition will be released next Wednesday, Sep 23.

We can’t wait to show you the new edition of the book, and Marin and I hope you enjoy the new chapters!

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Third Course: Core Data by Tutorials Second Edition

Core Data by Tutorials Second Edition

There’s yet another update to announce – the second edition of Core Data by Tutorials!

Core Data by Tutorials teaches you everything you need to know about Core Data, starting with the basics like setting up your own Core Data Stack and moving all the way to advanced topics like syncing with iCloud, migration, performance, multithreading, and more.

The second edition of the book is fully updated for iOS 9 and Swift 2. Here are some of the changes in this update:

  • Swift 2. All code has now been updated to Swift 2. This includes using the new error handling model — moving away from the complexities of NSError.
  • New uniqueness model constraint. iOS 9 introduces the ability to specify that an attribute should be unique across all objects.
  • Bugfixes. All chapters have been fully re-tested and tech edited and are verified as 100% working.

This is also a free update for existing PDF customers, and will be released on Wednesday, Sep 30. We hope you enjoy! :]

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Fourth Course: iOS 9 by Tutorials

iOS 9 by Tutorials

So far we’ve been talking just about updates – now let’s talk about some new books!

The first new book is one you might have been able to guess :] That’s right, it’s our 5th installment of our popular iOS by Tutorials series!

iOS 9 by Tutorials is a book for intermediate and advanced iOS developers looking to learn the new APIs introduced in iOS 9 quickly and easily. Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find in the book:

  • Introducing App Search: For too long, Spotlight search results have been the private kingdom of system apps. iOS 9 changes that with Core Spotlight – discover how to make your apps searchable.
  • Multitasking: Learn what changes you need to make to your apps to fully support the new multitasking capability of iOS 9.
  • UIStackView and Auto Layout Changes: Stack views will be the answer to 90% of your layout questions in iOS 9 – you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them. Get the fast-track to layout nirvana!
  • Testing: In addition to unit tests, Xcode 7 allows you to test the UI of your app. Find out how to use this new tool to improve the reliability of your app.
  • App Thinning: Give your apps a diet! Discover how to ensure that users are downloading just the bits the app actually needs from the App Store.
  • And much more: Including what’s new in storyboards and Xcode, the new Contacts framework, and improvements to mapping!

This book is a result of the hard work of 9 members of the tutorial team, dividing and conquering the material. We went through the school of hard knocks, so you don’t have to!

iOS 9 by Tutorials will be released Wednesday, Oct 7. We can’t wait to show you the book, and we look forward to seeing you use these cool new iOS 9 APIs in your own apps.

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