Swift Apprentice Now Available!

Today we are happy to release our brand new book on beginning programming with Swift – the Swift Apprentice. Learn how to get your copy! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Swift Apprentice Now Available!

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Swift Apprentice Now Available!

Note from Ray: Happy Wednesday – it’s book release day during the iOS 9 Feast!

Today we are happy to release our brand new book on beginning programming with Swift: the Swift Apprentice.

The Swift Apprentice is for people who want to learn Swift 2 programming – whether you are a complete beginner to programming, or a developer with experience in another language.

In this book, you’ll start with the basics like data types, functions, and collection types, and move all the way to advanced topics like error handling, functional programming, and protocol-oriented programming.

Everything you’ll learn is platform-neutral; you’ll have a firm understanding of Swift 2 by the end of this book, and you’ll be ready to move on to whichever app platform you’re interested in.

Keep reading to find out what’s inside, and how to get your copy!

What’s Inside

The Swift Apprentice is 23 chapters and 310 pages. Here’s a brief overview of the four sections in the book:

Section I: Swift Basics

The first section of the book starts at the very beginning of the computing environment: first, how computers work, and then, how Swift’s playgrounds feature works. With those logistics out of the way, you’ll take a tour of the fundamentals of the Swift language and learn the basics of managing data, structuring your code and performing simple operations and calculations.

Section II: Collection Types

Stored data is a core component of any app, whether it’s a list of friends in your social networking app or a set of unlockable characters in your hit game. In this section, you’ll learn how to store collections of data in Swift.

Section III: Building Your Own Types

Swift comes with basic building blocks, but its real power is in the custom things you can build to model parts of your app. Swift has no idea about playable characters and monsters and power-ups, for example—these are things you need to build yourself! You’ll learn how to do that in this section.

Section IV: Advanced Topics

The final section of the book covers a few advanced topics in Swift. You’ll learn about specific things, such as how to handle problems that come up as your code runs, as well as about more general things, like generics, which help you understand some of Swift’s behind-the-scenes mechanisms.

After reading this book and completing your Swift apprenticeship by working through the included exercises and challenge, you’ll be ready to take on app development on the platform of your choice!

Where To Go From Here?

Here’s how you can get your copy:

  • If you are a Swift by Tutorials Customer: We are offering this book at 50% off this new book to thank you for your support – check your email for a coupon code. If you don’t see it, check your spam or contact us.
  • If you preordered the Swift Apprentice: You can download the book immediately on your My Loot page.
  • If you don’t have the book yet: What are you waiting for – grab your copy now! :]

With the advent of Swift 2 and growing popularity of the language in production apps, if you haven’t started learning Swift 2 yet, now’s a great time.

Prepare yourself for your own private tour through programming in Swift 2. Janie, Alexis, Matt, Eli, Erik, Ben and I hope you enjoy the book!