1000th Tutorial Giveaway Winner!

Check out the winners of our recent 1000th tutorial celebration giveaway! By Ray Wenderlich.

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1000th Tutorial Giveaway Winner!

5 mins

Recently, we had a post to celebrate our 1000th tutorial on this site.

In the post, we asked everyone a question: “How has raywenderlich.com made a difference in your life?”

I was overwhelmed by the kind and positive feedback from everyone – you guys and gals rock! I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing community :]

We selected one of the folks who responded to win a free ticket to our upcoming tutorial conference RWDevCon 2016, along with an invitation to our team-only pre-conference fun day.

Keep reading to find out who the lucky winner is – plus some runners up!

Runners Up

There were so many kind words from the community that we felt one prize wasn’t quite enough – we wanted to select some runners up as well.

Diego Vidal

In my bookshelf I now have almost all of your books, and thanks to the huge effort that you put on teaching others, I am now the Lead iOS Developer in my company, located in Bogotá, Colombia.

I truly can say that I have become the developer that I am today because of you, and because the motivation that I had reading all of your books. Keep doing all the great things that you do, you are really making a difference in a lot of people’s lives, like mine :)”

“In my country, Colombia, there aren’t a lot of “local” resources to learn to develop iOS apps, so when I found this page I was truly excited!

Jairo Cepeda

There is not a single app I’ve worked on (released or not) that did not directly benefit from this site. Therefore, I am so glad to be part of this community. Congratulations Ray and the team!”

“Wow, just WOW. I am speechless to see raywenderlich.com come this far. I’ve been following the site for a couple of years now and I am SO THANKFUL for all I’ve learned here, regardless of whether I win the ticket.

Ernandes Mourao

“Today my brain can’t think iOS and raywenderlich.com as two separate things. You guys have been my main reference for the past 4 years: your articles/books have made my iOS dev life easier and exciting since then. I’ll always be here to support you guys. Keep it up and congrats for the 1000th tutorial.”

Thanks everyone – each runner up will receive a free raywenderlich.com “Eat, Drink, Swift” t-shirt! :]

Grand Prize Winner

And now it’s time to announce our grand prize winner… Yusuke Hozumi! Here’s what Yusuke had to say:

One day, one of my friends recommended me to this website, at least to check it out before I give up programming. Well, I pretty much got addicted to this website!

I’m on this website 24/7 teaching my self new things, reviewing things that I learned. The iOS Apprentice has made it easy for me to study and learn. Thanks to this book and video tutorials on this website I have a job lined up to become an iOS Developer starting early next year.

Thanks to this website I don’t have to live a boring day to day life. I know I’m still learning but this website made it possible for me to dream about my future of becoming one of the presenters teaching about new API’s at Apple’s WWDC.

Sorry to make it little cheesy sounding but this is how this website changed my life! Thank you and please keep up the great work in pushing out quality tutorials for all the other apprentice developers out there just like me!”

“This website has seriously changed my life in a positive way. I learned how to program last year when Apple announced Swift at WWDC 2014. I read through the Swift documentation from Apple and I was heavily confused and I was getting ready to stop learning programming and live a boring day to day, paycheck to paycheck job.

Thank you Yusuke and we look forward to hanging out with you at RWDevCon 2016! :]

Where To Go From Here?

Once again, there were so many great responses on our 1000th tutorial celebration post and every one of them touched our hearts. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments – this reminds us why we’re making tutorials in the first place.

Thanks again to everyone for reading raywenderlich.com and making this all possible. Back to your regularly scheduled tutorials! :]