Merry Christmas 2015!

Check out our geeky Christmas song video for 2015 – and Merry Christmas! By Ray Wenderlich.

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As you may or may not know, we have a tradition where each year, we sing a silly Christmas song about a geeky topic.

This year, we have made a song titled “Frosty the Indie”, sung to the tune of “Frosty the Snowman.” We hope you enjoy – and we apologize in advance for our singing! :]

Lyrics and Credits

Frosty the indie (Vicki Wenderlich, Ray Wenderlich)
was a jolly happy geek (Joshua Greene)
his apps were free making no money (Tammy Coron)
but at least they had no leaks (Jeff Rames)

Frosty the indie (Brian Moakley)
is a fairytale they say (Kelvin Lau)
he could write no bugs, but the true devs know (Daniel Tavares)
how he came to be that way (Daniel Tavares)

There must have been some magic in (Tim Mitra)
that new Swift lang he found (Tim Mitra)
for when he used it in his apps (Mic Pringle)
his bug count went right down! (Todd Kerpelman)

Frosty the indie (Brian Moakley)
didn’t like Objective-C (Kelvin Lau)
he used Swift instead – optionals, he said, (Vicki Wenderlich, Ray Wenderlich)
enforce my code safety. (Todd Kerpelman)

Clackety clack clack, clackety clack clack (Vicki Wenderlich, Ray Wenderlich)
look at Frosty code (Daniel Tavares)
Clackety clack clack, clackety clack clack (Joshua Greene)
type safety he showed (Mic Pringle)

Frosty the indie (Brian Moakley)
knew Swift 2 was on its way (Jeff Rames)
so he said let’s run with inheritance fun (Jeff Rames)
before protocols invade (Jeff Rames)

Down to the conference (Mic Pringle)
with a tech talk in his hand (Daniel Tavares)
teaching here and there, his knowledge he shared (Joshua Greene)
counting all his twitter fans (Mic Pringle)

He taught around the Cocoaheads (Tammy Coron)
until he found a spot (Tammy Coron)
that had remote work and a ton of pay (Todd Kerpelman)
he imagined his new yacht (Tim Mitra)

Frosty the indie (Brian Moakley)
Had to hurry to his pay (Mic Pringle)
so he said goodbye with a big high-five (Jeff Rames)
Life with Swift is good, hooray! (Tammy Coron)

Special thanks to Ellen Shapiro for the guitar music and background singing!

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Have a Merry Christmas and very happy New Year everyone, and thanks so much for reading this blog! :]