Advanced iOS App Architecture Now Fully Updated!

Advanced iOS App Architecture is now fully updated to iOS 13, Swift 5.2 and Xcode 11! By Manda Frederick.

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We’re happy to share that Advanced iOS App Architecture is now fully updated to Swift 5.2, iOS 13 and Xcode 11!

Keep reading to see what’s inside Advanced iOS App Architecture, 3rd ed., and learn how you can get your own copy.

About Advanced iOS App Architecture

Understanding and applying strong architecture practices in your apps can be complex — but it doesn’t have to be! Advanced iOS App Architecture is a deep dive into popular iOS app architectures, walking you through their implementation one at a time.

The book gives you the foundational theory of iOS architecture, followed by concrete application of the architectures in practice. In each chapter, you’ll learn the history and theory of each architecture before applying the concepts to iOS app development. The authors have also provided an insightful overview of the pros and cons of that architecture so you can make the best decisions for your own development.

What’s Inside Advanced iOS App Architecture

Here’s what’s in the book:

  1. Welcome: Get a quick introduction of what you’ll learn in this book, what the goals are of this work and what you’ll need to get started.
  2. Which Architecture Is Right for Me?: There are a lot of aspects to consider when selecting an architecture for you and your team. This chapter provides a high-level overview of these aspects, such as qualities to look for in an architecture and more.
  3. Example App: Koober: In this book, you’ll use a fully fledged real-world example app, reconfigured each chapter for the specific architectures that this book will cover. The app used through this book is known as Koober, a ride-hailing app with just enough complex features to give you the feel for different architectures.
  4. Objects & Their Dependencies: We all depend on one thing or another in the real world, and architecting your apps is no different. You’ll learn how objects depend on other objects to avoid having large objects doing a lot of things instead of compartmentalizing to make them more reusable and testable.
  5. Architecture: MVVM: In this chapter, you’ll be taken through the history of MMVM and its concepts. You’ll then walk through the Koober app and explore how it’s been architected using the MVVM architecture approach.
  6. Architecture: Redux: In this chapter, you’ll be taken through the history of Redux and its concepts. You’ll then walk through the Koober app and explore how it’s been architected using the Redux architecture approach.
  7. Architecture: Elements: Elements is an architecture meant to make iOS development fun and flexible. Learn a set of elements that make up the architecture. The cool thing is that you can choose which pieces to use in your own apps. We have elements for every layer of your app, from networking to the user interface.
  8. Getting Ready for SwiftUI: Gain a walk through how to get Koober ready for SwiftUI while keeping your current architectural approaches.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a good handle on the fine details of leveraging modern, advanced architecture in your iOS apps.

Advanced iOS App Architecture Authors

Josh Berlin loves building thoughtful user experiences on mobile. He’s currently an iOS engineer at Hatch building products to help people sleep better. He’s built apps for the iPhone and iPad since 2008. Josh recently finished culinary school in Austin, TX. When he’s not coding, he’s probably cooking or dreaming of food.

René Cacheaux loves to architect and build software. He currently is a Mobile Architect at Atlassian where his mission is to design Atlassian’s mobile platform. He especially loves all things mobile and currently architects for both Android and Apple platforms. René has been engineering iOS apps since 2009 and has experience in mobile client and server engineering, mobile user experience design and product management. René has worked on a wide range of apps spanning from industrial sales enablement to world-wide social networking. René enjoys starting his days in true Austin-Texas fashion with a a breakfast taco alongside a freshly brewed cappuccino. In addition to building mobile apps, he loves to travel, snow ski, ocean kayak and root for his alma mater, the Texas Longhorns.

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