Server-Side Swift with Vapor: Chapter Updates Now Available!

We’re excited to announce new updates available for our definitive book on building web apps and web APIs using Server-Side Swift with Vapor, written by the creators of the Vapor 4 framework. By Manda Frederick.

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Server-Side Swift with Vapor: Chapter Updates Now Available!

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We’re excited to announce that the first section of our Server-Side Swift with Vapor book is now updated for Vapor 4. And, for a limited time, you can get this book for $10 off!

Read on to learn more about Server-Side Swift with Vapor and what’s new in this edition!

About Server-Side Swift with Vapor

Server-Side Swift with Vapor, 3rd ed., is nearly 600 pages of hands-on learning to give you a complete, beginning-to-end understanding of building apps in Vapor and then deploying them to Cloud-based providers.

The book’s five sections will take you through:

  • Creating a Simple Web API: Learn the foundations of building Vapor apps, including how to use Swift Package Manager.
  • Making a Simple Web App: Learn how to build a front-end web site for your Vapor application. You’ll also learn how to accept data from a browser so that users can create and edit your models.
  • Validation, Users & Authentication: See how to protect your Vapor application with authentication. You’ll learn about different types of authentication: HTTP Basic authentication and token-based authentication for the API, and cookie- and session- based authentication for the web site.
  • Advanced Server-Side Swift: Deep-dive into more advanced topics for Vapor and were written by the Vapor Core Team members.
  • Production & External Deployment: Deploy your Vapor application to external Cloud-based providers to offload the job of hosting your application. You’ll learn how to upload to Vapor’s own home-grown solution — Vapor Cloud.

And the best part? This book is written by the Vapor team itself, so you’ll get the best insight you need to create robust, fully featured web apps and web APIs with Vapor 4.

What’s New in This Edition?

Server-Side Swift with Vapor, 3rd ed., is currently in early-access release.

In this early-access release, you’ll find the first section, “Creating a Simple Web API,” updated to Vapor 4, Swift 5.2, Xcode 11.4, and iOS 13.4.

The first section is your introduction to Vapor, and also covers:

Where to Go From Here?

The authors are hard at work on updating the remaining sections to Vapor 4, and we’ll keep you posted as new chapters become available!

Server-Side Swift with Vapor, 3rd ed., is available today, in early-access release with a newly updated first section, which will introduce you to the fundamentals of Vapor 4 and take you through building your first iOS app with Vapor!

Remember, when you purchase this book, you get the book, source code and project files, and free updates.

As always, thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy this update!

  • HTTP Basics: Review the fundamentals of how the web and HTTP operate, including its methods and most common response codes. You’ll also learn how Vapor differs from other Swift frameworks.
  • Async: Learn about asynchronous and non-blocking architectures. You’ll discover Vapor’s approach to these architectures and how to use them.
  • Configuring a Database: Learn how to configure your Vapor app to integrate with the database of your choice.
  • Controllers: Learn the concept of controllers to help manage your routes and models, using both basic controllers and RESTful controllers.
  • Testing: Learn how to write tests for your Vapor apps. You’ll learn why testing is important and how it works with Swift Package Manager.
  • Creating a Simple iPhone App: Build a simple iOS app that interacts with the API, create different models and get models from the database, perform the final CRUD operations, and add acronyms to categories.
  • And more!