tvOS Apprentice Early Access Update Available: Now With 17 Chapters!

A new early access release of the tvOS Apprentice is now available – now with 17 chapters! Learn how to get your copy. By Ray Wenderlich.

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tvOS Apprentice Early Access Update Available: Now With 17 Chapters!

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As we develop our new book the tvOS Apprentice, we are releasing early access versions along the way. Today, we are happy to release our second early access release of the book!

This version now has 17/28 chapters ready, 10 of which are new to this release:

  • Chapter 1, Architecture: The architecture chapter is the introduction to the technology behind Apple TV apps. This chapter will be your guide to help you decide your path through the rest of the book.
  • Chapter 2, Hello, TVML (New!): Shows you how to set up a basic Hello World app using TVML and Javascript.
  • Chapter 3, Beginning TVML (New!): You’ll use basic TVML templates to manipulate the UI in a simple application.
  • Chapter 4, Intermediate TVML (New!): Building off of chapter 3, you’ll learn more complicated interfaces and templates.
  • Chapter 5, TVJS (New!): Start working in Javascript and learn to manipulate the TVML DOM.
  • Chapter 8, Hello, Traditional App: Learn how to set up a basic “Hello World” app using native libraries in Swift.
  • Chapter 9, Basic Controls: Learn the basic controls your users can use to interact with your apps.
  • Chapter 10, Stack Views (New!): Stack Views are the backbone to the layout of your app – learn how to use them here.
  • Chapter 11, Collection Views (New!): See how easy it is to display a list of items in an engaging layout.
  • Chapter 15, Networking (New!): Learn how to download content, video, and other assets over the network.
  • Chapter 17, Beginning Video Playback: One of the most common requirements for Apple TV apps will be to play video – learn how to do that here!
  • Chapter 18, Advanced Video Playback (New!): Learn about some of the more advanced topics in playing videos.
  • Chapter 20, Beginning CloudKit: Learn how to use CloudKit on tvOS to store your app’s data.
  • Chapter 21, Advanced CloudKit (New!): Go further in depth with CloudKit with user specific storage and error handling.
  • Chapter 24, tvOS Design: Learn how to design your apps to fit in well with the tvOS ecosystem.
  • Chapter 25, Creating Layered Images: Shows how to create a new kind of image specifically for the TV.
  • Chapter 26, The Top Shelf (New!): The Top Shelf is a new design concept that allows your app to show off specific content – learn how to use this in your apps.

We’re nearing the final release of the book – just 11 chapters left! :]

Where To Go From Here?

Here’s how you can get your early access release of the book:

  • If you preordered the tvOS Apprentice: You can download the early access release immediately on your My Loot page.
  • If you don’t have the book yet: What are you waiting for – preorder the book now, get early access, and save $10 off the final price! :]

The recent release of tvOS brings tons of new opportunities for developers, and you’ll want to be prepared to make the most of it.

Prepare yourself for your own private tour on making tvOS apps – from beginning to advanced. Jerry, Eric, Sam, Evan, Joshua, Michael, Kelvin, Julien, Mike and I hope you enjoy the book!