Mastering Git, 1st edition, Is Now Available in Full!

Mastering Git, 1st Edition, is now available in full with five new chapters! This book is the easiest and fastest way to get hands-on experience with using Git for version control of your projects. By Tiffani Randolph.

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We’re excited to tell you that the first edition of Mastering Git is now complete and includes five brand new chapters!

And it’s on sale until next Thursday, August 27!

Keep reading to learn why this book is a must-have in your development library, what’s new in this latest release and how to get your copy!

Mastering Git

About Mastering Git

Chances are that if you’re involved with software development you’ve heard of and have used Git at some point in your life. Version control systems are critical for any successful collaborative software project. Git is both simple to start using and is accommodating for the most complex tasks with version control. Even seasoned Git users hit roadblocks on how to handle common situations.

Mastering Git is here to help! This book is the easiest and fastest way to get hands-on experience with using Git for version control of your projects.

In our book Mastering Git, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Git internals and commands, and discover things you didn’t quite understand about Git, even if you’ve used Git for a long time!

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Topics Covered in Mastering Git

  • A Crash Course in Git: Learn all of the basics of Git that every software craftsman should know, including how to set up Git, committing and ignoring files.
  • Branching/Merging/Pushing: Cover everything to work and collaborate with others.
  • How Git Actually Works: Discover the whys behind what you’ve been learning.
  • Rebasing: Learn rebasing, a more advanced way of merging code and collaborating.
  • Workflows in Git: Working with Git requires rules to make sure things go smoothly across development teams. Learn the most common workflows and how to decide which one to use.
  • …and much, much more!

Mastering Git covers everything you need to know, from low-level commands to team workflows!

After reading this book, you’ll be well-prepared to use Git on any sized project and team!

What’s New in This Release?

The first edition of Mastering Git is now 100% complete and includes five new chapters to make you a pro at using Git in your own software development workflow!

  • [NEW] Chapter 1: A Crash Course in Git: Learn how to get started with Git, the differences between platforms, and a quick overview of the typical Git workflow.
  • [NEW] Chapter 19: Feature Branch Workflow: Create new features in your code and then merged to master when they’re done using feature branches.
  • [NEW] Chapter 20: Gitflow Workflow: Gitflow is a popular method to manage your team’s development workflow. Learn the plugins for IDEs that support this Git workflow.
  • [NEW] Chapter 21: Forking Workflow: Not all teams have to work out of a single online repository with local clones. Learn to make each contributor work out of their own fork can be quite advantageous when you work at the scale of open-source projects.
  • [NEW] Chapter 22: Appendix: Installing and Configuring Git: Installing Git is relatively straightforward, but learn best practices in your initial setup and configuration to ensure that your work with Git is as hassle-free as possible.

Mastering Git is 100% complete and is available today — and it’s on sale until Thursday, August 27!

Meet the Authors

Chris Belanger

Chris Belanger is the Editor-in-Chief of If there are words to wrangle or a paragraph to ponder, he‘s on the case. In the programming world, Chris has over 25 years of experience with multiple database platforms, real-time industrial control systems, and enterprise healthcare information systems. When he kicks back, you can usually find Chris with guitar in hand, looking for the nearest beach, or exploring the lakes and rivers in his part of the world in a canoe.

Jawwad Ahmad

Jawwad Ahmad is an iOS Developer that spends way too much time using the power of Git to attempt to craft the most ideal commits. He currently works as a Software Engineer at a technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Where to Go From Here?

Here’s how to get your hands on the new release of Mastering Git:

  • If you’ve already bought the Mastering Git digital edition, you can log in to the store and download the updated version, here.
  • If you haven’t already bought the book that teaches you the foundations of the much-used but oft-misunderstood Git, head over to our store page to grab your copy at our special update discount of just $49.99 until August 27!

Remember, when you purchase this book, you get the digital PDF, e-pub, source code and project files, and free updates as our way to say thank you for your support. :]