Readers’ App Reviews – April 2016

Check out some apps released by fellow readers in April – including a game where only one armadillo was harmed in the making! By Ryan Poolos.

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We’ve all done it. In the digital world TextEdit has become our scratch paper. The problem is, once we close it, we often have lost our notes if you didn’t remember to save it. Or worse we have hundreds of Untitled.txt saved to our desktop. But Scratchpad is here to help!

When you open Scratchpad you get a familiar interface similar to TextEdit. But it’s ready to go. No need to create a new document or find an old on – Scratchpad is ready for your ideas right away.

No need to worry about saving, Scratchpad is always saving. And with a simple scroll you can see your old notes. Scratchpad remembers all your notes, you can scroll back through all the versions along the way.

Call of the Universe

NASA takes some amazing pictures of our universe and shares them regularly. Now with Call of the Universe you can get them right on your iPhone.

Call of the Universe has access to over 7,000 NASA images with new ones released everyday. Call of the Universe grabs the latest pictures and their NASA descriptions. You can mark your favorites to find them easily later, and get notified when new pictures drop each day.

Finally, you can easily search for specific dates. I love the photos from my past birthdays! :]

If you’re a space nerd, then this app is a must have for you.

Beer Guide NYC

Beer Guide NYC is a must have app for any beer lovers in or visiting NYC.

Beer Guide has over 250 curated pubs around the city with reviews, photographs, websites, twitter handles, phone numbers, and more.

You can easily search for the pub nearest to you like you’d expect. But you can also lookup pubs by areas, landmarks, bus lines, or subway stations. Great for planning your night before you even leave.

The database of pubs is stored on your device, so even if you’re offline or limited on data, you’ll have no problem finding a great New York pub to visit.

Honorable Mentions

Every month I get way more submissions than I have time to write about. I download every app to try them out, but only have time to review a select few. I love seeing our readers through the apps submitted to me every month.

It’s not a popularity contest or even a favorite picking contest — I just try to share a snapshot of the community through your submissions. Please take a moment and try these other fantastic apps from readers like you.

Noble Ninja
SDA Hymnal – Free
Retro Formula 3D
Rainbow Burst
Gobi – Send snaps in groups!
Boost My Fund
in lumine
tpg offline
Dot Dodging
Killer interview
Fly Froggy

Where To Go From Here?

Each month, I really enjoy seeing what our community of readers comes up with. The apps you build are the reason we keep writing tutorials. Make sure you tell me about your next one, submit here.

If you saw an app your liked, hop to the App Store and leave a review! A good review always makes a dev’s day. And make sure you tell them you’re from; this is a community of makers.

If you’ve never made an app, this is the month! Check out our free tutorials to become an iOS star. What are you waiting for – I want to see your app next month.

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