WWDC 2020 First Impressions Livecast

If you missed our WWDC 2020 First Impressions livecast last night, featuring our most opinionated iOS team members, you can catch the replay here! By Katie Collins.

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WWDC 2020 First Impressions Livecast

1 min

Hopefully you enjoyed the WWDC 2020 Keynote and Platforms State of the Union presentations yesterday — we certainly did! It’s clear Apple is making some strong moves in the hardware area, and they’re also bringing some nice updates across all of their platforms.

To discuss the day’s events, we assembled a top-notch group of experienced raywenderlich.com iOS team members to share their thoughts about what came out of Apple’s first “Virtual WWDC” 2020:

  • Dru Freeman, podcast host
  • Alex Sullivan, podcast season host
  • Ray Fix, iOS topics master
  • Josh Steele, iOS team member
  • Jeff Rames, iOS team member
  • Ellen Shapiro, iOS team member

This opinionated, chatty group sat down last night and shared their thoughts on their past WWDC experiences, as well as all the latest news and outcomes from WWDC 2020.

WWDC 2020 Livecast Replay

In case you missed it, you can catch the replay of the livecast from last night right here:

Where to Go From Here?

Check in with raywenderlich.com over the next week, as we’ll have some more updates for you about the content of WWDC 2020 and how it affects you as a developer.

But I’d like to know: what are you most excited about — or most skeptical about — of what Apple announced this year at WWDC 2020? Leave your comments below!