Which Advanced iOS Book Would You Prefer?

We’re thinking of making some new books for advanced iOS developers. Which would you prefer? By Ray Wenderlich.

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Which Advanced iOS Book Would You Prefer?

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We’re thinking of making some new books for advanced iOS developers.

But before we begin, we’d love to see which topics you are most interested in. Here are the books we are considering:

  1. Reactive Programming with RxSwift: Learn how to use reactive programming techniques with RxSwift to
    make your event-driven apps manageable and readable, all while reducing bugs and headaches.
  2. Advanced LLDB Debugging & Reverse Engineering: Learn mind-blowing techniques to help you understand large codebases, diagnose the most tricky problems, and even reverse engineer other apps you don’t have the source code for.
  3. Advanced iOS Games by Tutorials: Make 4 new mini-games as you take a deep dive into GameplayKit, learning entity-component system, procedural level generation, making platformer games, and more.
  4. Design Patterns in Swift: Learn how to make design patterns like Facade, Strategy, Factory, Visitor in Swift, through a sequence of Playgrounds and exercises.
  5. iOS App Architecture: A deep dive into different app architectures (MVC, MVVM, VIPER, Flux, Redux, etc) and best practices on designing clean code in large projects.
  6. Algorithms in Swift: Learn how to code popular CS algorithms like stack, queue, insertion sort, binary search, and much more in your favorite programming language. :]

Which Would You Buy?

Now for the question – which of these books would you buy if they were available (if any)?

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Thank so much for your help – this will be very helpful to decide which books we’re working on this year! :]