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Android & Kotlin New
Your Second Kotlin Android App
In this course, you’ll level up your Android skills by writing a task list managing app entirely in Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. In it, you’ll learn about Composables, LazyLayouts saving data, integrating navigation components in Compose, and Android Jetpack.
Android & Kotlin New
Your First Kotlin Android App: Polishing the App
This course is the sequel to “Your First Kotlin Android App: An App from Scratch.” In this Jetpack Compose course, we’ll finish off programming Bullseye to add some nice touches and features to make it look professional and polished.
Android & Kotlin New
Your First Kotlin Android App: An App From Scratch
Updated for 2023! Get started with Android by building your own game using Jetpack Compose and the Kotlin programming language. If you’re new to Android and development as a whole, then this course is for you.
Android & Kotlin
Deploying Android Apps Using GitHub Actions
Learn how to automate the process of generating signed builds, and releasing them to Firebase App Distribution and the Google Play Store.
Android & Kotlin
Testing Legacy Apps on Android
In this course you are going to learn how to apply the test-driven development practices your learned in “Test-Driven Development in Android” on legacy Android apps. You will learn how to determine your limits when testing legacy code, how to add tests to a legacy app with no test coverage and how to refactor your legacy code for testability.
Android & Kotlin
Test-Driven Development in Android
In this course, you are going to learn how to create scalable and maintainable apps by applying several testing methodologies like the Red-Green-Refactor steps and frameworks such as JUnit and Mockito. You will also learn about SOLID principles, design patterns and the best architectures for testing.
Android & Kotlin
Wrangling Dates & Time in Android
In this course, gain a deep understanding of how the Data-Time Library works & learn to manage the essential classes from the API. Upon completing this course, you will be able to handle, parse, and format dates.
Android & Kotlin
Lifecycle-Aware Components in Android
Learn about lifecycle-aware components including what they are, how they work & how to create your own components and test them.
Android & Kotlin
Android Background Processing
Learn about all the cool concepts from background processing in Android! Use the WorkManager, JobScheduler, Services, AsyncTasks and the AlarmManager. Learn what each concept brings to the table, and how they affect your app’s performance!
Android & Kotlin
Android Networking: Beyond the Basics
Implement advanced concepts in the Retrofit library in Android, and add interceptors and parsers. Learn how Kotlin Coroutines can make your networking code easy to write and understand.
Android & Kotlin
Android Networking: Fundamentals
Learn about the the HTTP, JSON, REST and all the other cool and important abbreviations in the world of networking! Implement the Retrofit library in Android, add interceptors, parsers, and Kotlin Coroutines.
Android & Kotlin
MVVM on Android
In this course, you will learn how to build an Android app using the Model-View-ViewModel presentation architecture pattern including testing.
Android & Kotlin
Top 5 Takeaways From Google I/O 2022 For Android Developers
Google’s annual developer conference has a lot in store for Android developers in 2022. This video is a rundown of the most important aspects of Google I/O 2022 for Android developers.
Android & Kotlin
Material Motion for Android
Learn about the different Material Motion patterns and how you can use them to improve your app’s transitions.
Android & Kotlin
Deep Links in Android
Android & Kotlin
Cloud Firestore on Android - Getting Started
In this Firebase course on Android, learn what Cloud Firestore is and how it can be used to provide a NoSQL cloud-hosted Database for your app. Learn how to read and write data to Firestore from an Android application, listen to display changes in Firestore data in realtime, and use Firebase security rules to secure your Firestore data. Also, write some complex Firestore queries to sort and filter through displayed data.
Android & Kotlin
SQLDelight in Android: Getting Started
In this course, we will introduce you to SQLDelight, a generator for typesafe Kotlin code based on SQL database statements, with built-in support for migrations, schema validation and IDE integrations. From initial installation all the way to customization, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this latest invention from Square.
Android & Kotlin
OkHttp Interceptors in Android
Learn how to use OkHttp Interceptors to intercept network requests, log them and also modify them on the fly.
Android & Kotlin
Android DataStore
DataStore is Google’s new and improved solution for persisting simple pieces of data by using either key-value pairs or protocol buffers for storing typed objects. It does so using Kotlin Coroutines and Flow to make all the transactions asynchronous, making all the data storing and fetching operations more performant and safe! It’s part of the Jetpack set of tools, so it’s also known as the Jetpack DataStore. In this course, learn how to store simple and complex typed data in Jetpack DataStore as well as migrating existing data from Shared Preferences.
Android & Kotlin
Resizable Apps & Multi-Window Support in Android
This course will show you how to make your apps resizable and in turn support the multi-window mode in Android. Using this approach, you’ll allow your users to multi-task by using multiple apps at the same time.
Android & Kotlin
Bubble Notifications in Android
Android 11 has amazing new features that allows developers provide great user experiences. In this course you are going to learn how to create bubble notifications to give users a quick way to access conversations with conversation shortcuts. Bubbles also give the developer sophisticated sharing and ranking capabilities, as well as improved multitasking.
Android & Kotlin
Android In App Review
This course will teach you how to implement the new Android In App Review API from the Play Core set of tools. You’ll learn how to ask for user reviews at key moments in your app to help increase your Play Store rating and improve your app visibility!
Android & Kotlin
Android Animations
Learn how to add various animations to your apps that will make the app user experience more dynamic, fun, and effective.
Android & Kotlin
Implementing Picture In Picture Mode In Android
Implement Picture In Picture mode to allow users to watch videos even while they use other apps. See how a real-world app uses PiP, then learn how to add awesome media playback controls to PiP mode for ease of use!