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Interface Builder
Multiple Domains
Continuous Integration, and Live Rendering in Interface Builder – Podcast S05 E06
In this podcast episode, Mic, Jake, and Andy discuss continuous integration in production, before moving onto live rendering of custom controls in IB.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Fundamentals
An introduction to building iOS user interfaces with SwiftUI! Learn about SwiftUI Views and modifiers, common SwiftUI controls, fundamental layout tools, navigation and data flow, and how to make the most of SwiftUI previews.
iOS & Swift
UIKit: Layout
Learn the basics of creating layouts that handle different screen sizes and orientations, using Auto Layout's Stack Views and Constraints, in Interface Builder.
iOS & Swift
Collection Views
Learn all about using collection views in iOS to build composable and flexible layouts both in code and using Interface Builder. You’ll learn how to implement custom cells, animate changes and work with different types of data sources
iOS & Swift
Self-Sizing Table View Cells
Learn how to create self-sizing table view cells, allow them to resize on demand, support Dynamic Type, and even create them with SwiftUI.
iOS & Swift
Layout in iOS
SwiftUI and UIKit have different systems for layout. You'll learn about both in this course! For SwiftUI, that means Stacks and Alignment. For Auto Layout, it's Stack Views and Constraints, in Interface Builder.
iOS & Swift
Demystifying Views in iOS
Learn to organize your app ideas and designs in ways that work well with the latest versions of UIKit and Interface Builder. Eradicate View and View Controller confusion!
iOS & Swift
Custom Controls in iOS
Custom controls are an important part of developing apps for iOS, allowing you to develop engaging user experiences, while achieving great code separability and reuse. When the Apple-provided controls don’t quite give you what you want, then creating your own custom controls is a great option, and it isn’t nearly as scary as it first sounds! Learn how to create custom controls for iOS by taking a look at three different approaches covered in this series. First you’ll discover how you can compose UIKit components to build your own control, before moving on to using Core Animation to create controls with more visual complexity. Finally you’ll see how you can use Core Graphics to “draw” the appearance of controls yourself. Along the way you’ll learn how to handle user interaction, interface builder integration and dynamic frameworks.
iOS & Swift
Monetizing Your App with iAd
iAd makes it incredibly easy to monetize your apps and games, providing a really viable alternative to charging up-front. Google’s AdMob platform, which works hand-in-hand with iAd, supercharges that monetization through ad mediation. Get to know what all this means for you, and how to integrate iAd and AdMob into your apps and games in this monetization mini-series! You should know the basics of iOS development, and be familiar with storyboards, Interface Builder, and have experience integrating third-party frameworks before starting this series.
Flutter & Dart New
Flutter Networking Tutorial: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make asynchronous network requests and handle the responses in a Flutter app connected to a REST API.
iOS & Swift New
SwiftUI Tutorial: Navigation
In this tutorial, you’ll use SwiftUI to implement the navigation of a master-detail app. You’ll learn how to implement a navigation stack, a navigation bar button, a context menu and a modal sheet.
Flutter & Dart New
The Top 5 Flutter State Management Solutions: A Deep Dive
State management is a critical part of any user-facing application’s architecture. It ensures the app’s data and interface remain synchronized as users interact. In the following tutorial, you will explore the most popular state management solutions offered in Flutter.
Multiple Domains
Must-Watch Sessions From WWDC ’23
Ensure you’re up-to-date on the most important announcements from WWDC ’23 with this round-up of important sessions for developers to watch!
Flutter & Dart
Dart Mixins Tutorial for Flutter: Getting Started
Learn about Flutter mixins, which help you implement some of the OOPs methodologies such as inheritance and abstraction in Dart.
Android & Kotlin
Serverless Kotlin on Google Cloud Run
Learn how to build a serverless API using Ktor then dockerize and deploy it to Google Cloud Run.
Android & Kotlin
Lazy Layouts in Jetpack Compose
Learn how to use Lazy Composables in Jetpack Compose to simply display data in your app.
Flutter & Dart
Overlays in Flutter: Getting Started
Learn Flutter’s own way to display overlays like popUps, modals and dialog boxes with the help of popUpRoutes.
Android & Kotlin
Kotlin Coroutines Tutorial for Android : Advanced
Gain a deeper understanding of Kotlin Coroutines in this Advanced tutorial for Android, by replacing common asynchronous programming methods, such as Thread, in an Android app.
Flutter & Dart
Getting Started With the BLoC Pattern
See how to use the popular BLoC pattern to build your Flutter app architecture and manage the flow of data through your widgets using Dart streams.
iOS & Swift
iPadOS 15 Tutorial: What’s New for Developers
See what’s new in iPadOS 15 and take your app to the next level with groundbreaking changes!
Multiple Domains
Creating a Game Like Minesweeper in Flutter
Explore Flutter’s capability to create game UI and logic by learning to create a game like classic Minesweeper.
iOS & Swift
Spinner and Progress Bar in Swift: Getting Started
Learn how to implement a spinner indicator and progress bar in both UIKit and SwiftUI.
iOS & Swift
Announcing UIKit Apprentice, Second Edition!
Learn iOS and Swift from scratch. Build four powerful apps—with support for iPad and Dark Mode. Publish apps to the App Store.
iOS & Swift
Self-Sizing Table View Cells
Learn how to enable self-sizing table view cells and make them resize on-demand while supporting Dynamic Type.