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iOS & Swift · Collection · 41 Results

iOS & Swift Video Course Advanced
iOS & Swift
Apple Health Frameworks
This course will walk you through the steps of making a health app using all the Apple Health Frameworks. Learn how to use HealthKit, CareKit and ResearchKit together to make a seamless app.
iOS & Swift
Supporting SwiftUI with Core Graphics
Learn how to support SwiftUI drawing with Core Graphics! This course picks up where our Drawing in iOS with SwiftUI course left off. You’ll enhance the Open Mind app with help from UIKit and Core Graphics. You’ll learn how to integrate UIKit views with SwiftUI, use UIKit touch methods to capture Apple Pencil drawing, and make the whole drawing view a UIControl that we can plug into any of our future SwiftUI apps.
iOS & Swift
Drawing in iOS with SwiftUI
Learn about drawing using SwiftUI by creating custom controls using a combination of SwiftUI and Core Graphics. Covers shapes, colors, drawing with Pencil, and how to integrate them into a non-trivial app.
iOS & Swift
Wrangling Dates & Time in iOS
Understanding the deep technical details how dates and time work in iOS is immensely helpful for developing apps—every single day, month, and year! Learn the foundational structures behind working with dates and time in iOS. Then, apply your date modeling to SwiftUI views.
iOS & Swift
Local Receipt Validation in iOS
The course will walk you through the process of writing custom validation code for validating receipts from the app store on your device. Learn about the various pitfalls of writing your own validation code and understand how it all works under the hood.
iOS & Swift
WWDC 2021: AsyncSequence vs. Combine
AsyncSequence is a new protocol in Swift 5.5 that offers facilities for processing asynchronous data. But is it a Combine replacement…? Let’s find out!
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Charts for WidgetKit
Learn how to use SwiftUI to create a series of different charts, and then how to use WidgetKit to display them on a user’s home screen.
iOS & Swift
Face Tracking with RealityKit
Learn how to leverage RealityKit and Reality Composer to build engaging AR experiences focused on tracking facial movement and expression, add props and behaviors to face anchors in Reality Composer, and drive animations for 3D content in augmented reality with your facial expressions.
iOS & Swift
Advanced iOS Design Patterns
Learn about advanced iOS design patterns like flyweight, mediator, composite, command, chain-of-responsibility, and coordinator. These might not have a place in your day-to-day development, but they’re still amazing patterns for your development toolbox!
iOS & Swift
Smart Lighting with HomeKit in watchOS
Learn to use HomeKit in watchOS to control light bulbs in your home. HomeKit is versatile, so most of what you learn here will apply to any type of smart device.
iOS & Swift
Multipeer Connectivity in iOS
In this course, you'll learn how to use Multipeer Connectivity: Apple's framework for transferring data between devices with no external network.
iOS & Swift
Reusable SwiftUI Views in the App
Build two of the custom SwiftUI views used throughout the app. Get a glimpse into how we used SFSymbols, managed colors, and made the most of live previews.
iOS & Swift
Advanced MapKit
Level up your MapKit knowledge! Learn how to customize your maps by way of custom drawing. Discover the difference between an overlay and a renderer, and how you can use those components to expand the map by providing more information, or by creating an entirely map using your own map tiles.
iOS & Swift
Combine in the App
Take a look at how Combine is used to power parts of the open-source app based on changes that get stored in User Defaults.
iOS & Swift
SOLID in Real-World iOS Apps
Get an overview of the SOLID code craft guidelines, how they apply to Swift code, and how you can refactor your current code towards them.
iOS & Swift
See how to utilize Apple's recently released framework MetricKit and to create a Vapor Swift backend that receives the data.
iOS & Swift
Continuous Integration
Learn the basics of continuous integration and how to set it up for a GitHub project. You'll take a look at three different CI solutions to build and test your app: GitHub Actions; Bitrise; Jenkins. You'll also learn how to use pull requests to validate new code and ensure that it builds and all the tests pass.
iOS & Swift
Exploring UIKit Internals with Hopper Disassembler
Explore private UIKit APIs using the reverse engineering tool Hopper Disassembler and then use your advanced knowledge of UIKit's hidden secrets to your advantage in your own app.
iOS & Swift
Core Image: From CIImage to Metal and Beyond
Core Image is an oft-overlooked first-party framework on Apple platforms for the efficient processing of images and videos. It includes a wide range of built-in filters, as well as the ability to build your own custom filters using Metal. Discover how to integrate Core Image into your own apps, and how the optimized image processing can save your users time and battery life. Learn how to perform real-time video processing, and how you can extend Core Image by implementing your own custom filters directly in Metal.
iOS & Swift
Fastlane for iOS
Learn how to use fastlane to automate core iOS workflows and avoid common Developer Portal and App Store Connect problems. Dramatically speed up and error-proof building, testing, and delivering apps, removing hours of laborious & error-prone steps from every build cycle.
iOS & Swift
Machine Learning in iOS
With Core ML, it's now possible to use machine learning in real-time on iOS devices. In this course, you'll learn to train models on a Mac and use them for data analysis.
Multiple Domains
Advanced Swift: Error Handling
Production code is all about handling errors: programming errors, user input errors, asynchronous errors. This course covers the error fundamentals you need to know.
Multiple Domains
Advanced Swift: Unsafe Memory Access
Did you know you can call C-malloc straight from Swift? Swift lets access the machine at its lowest level. This course will show you how.
Multiple Domains
Advanced Swift: Memory Management
Memory management works like magic most of the time - until it doesn't. Find out what you need to watch out for in this course.