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All Tutorials · Product · 37 Results

iOS & Swift
Swift Apprentice
Beginning programming with Swift! This book takes you from beginner to advanced in Swift: Apple’s modern prog... more
Android & Kotlin
Saving Data on Android
A book that will teach you to persist data on Android, along with the modern techniques for synchronization, ... more
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Apprentice
Build for both iOS and Android with Flutter! Target multiple platforms at once; build apps for iOS, Android a... more
Flutter & Dart
Dart Apprentice
Dart Apprentice will teach you all the basic concepts you need to master this language. Follow along and you ... more
Multiple Domains
App Design Apprentice
In this beginner-level book for non-designers, we'll guide you through designing modern mobile-app UI and UX ... more
Multiple Domains
Living by the Code
Today’s top developers, leaders and innovators in tech share their personal stories and hard-won advice on ho... more
iOS & Swift
Push Notifications by Tutorials
In this book, you'll master iOS push notifications. Take a deep dive into rich media notifications, notificat... more
Android & Kotlin
Android Accessibility by Tutorials
Learn about building, testing and customizing accessible apps on Android using WCAG through hands-on, step-by... more
iOS & Swift
iOS App Distribution & Best Practices
Learn the very best practices for distributing and maintaining your app in the App Store and with App Store C... more
iOS & Swift
Core Data by Tutorials
In this book, you'll master Core Data in iOS using Swift. Comprehensive coverage of Core Data, from beginner ... more
iOS & Swift
Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials
Learn to build realistic and immersive AR experiences through for the Apple platform through our hands-on By ... more
Multiple Domains
Git Apprentice
Learn how Git works under the hood, how to set up your own repos, as well as how to deal with remote syncing.
iOS & Swift
Combine: Asynchronous Programming with Swift
The best book for learning how to manage declarative asynchronous event handling with the Swift Combine frame... more
iOS & Swift
UIKit Apprentice
In this iOS programming book for beginners, you'll learn how to build five complete iOS and Swift apps by fol... more
iOS & Swift
Catalyst by Tutorials
The best book to learn how to make your iOS and iPadOS apps run seamlessly under macOS using the Catalyst fra... more
Multiple Domains
Advanced Git
Advance your understanding of how Git works under the hood, master workflows, branching, merging and rebasing... more
iOS & Swift
Advanced iOS App Architecture
This book takes a deep dive into modern iOS app architecture and shows you how to design clean and maintainab... more
Multiple Domains
Mastering Git
Learn how Git works under the hood, how to set up your own repos, as well as how to deal with remote syncing.... more
iOS & Swift
RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift
Leverage the power of RxSwift in your reactive apps! In this RxSwift book, you'll learn how to integrate RxS... more
Android & Kotlin
Reactive Programming with Kotlin
The best book for learning RxJava, RxAndroid and RxKotlin to create complex reactive applications on Android.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI by Tutorials
The best book for building iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS apps using the SwiftUI framework. No more UIK... more
Android & Kotlin
Android Apprentice
Build four complete Android apps from scratch using Kotlin! Android Apprentice is our book for complete begin... more
iOS & Swift
Machine Learning by Tutorials
The best book on machine learning for iOS. Covers CoreML, Vison, image and sequence classifiers, natural lang... more
iOS & Swift
Auto Layout by Tutorials
This book teaches you Auto Layout, Apple’s elegant solution to making your user interfaces flexible and adapt... more