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uikit Video Course Beginner
iOS & Swift
Integrating UIKit & SwiftUI
Learn how to integrate SwiftUI views into your UIKit apps and view hierarchies, and how to host UIKit views and view controllers in SwiftUI. Coordinate data flow from SwiftUI to UIKit and back again!
iOS & Swift
UIKit Animation
Get started animating your views in iOS! Learn to control changes in their visible properties over time, along with transitions between the views themselves.
iOS & Swift
UIKit: Layout
Learn the basics of creating layouts that handle different screen sizes and orientations, using Auto Layout's Stack Views and Constraints, in Interface Builder.
iOS & Swift
UIKit Fundamentals
Learn the basics of UIKit by creating a simple iPhone app. This course will then show the fundamental concepts of an app project, adding controls and navigating between screens.
iOS & Swift
Core Data: Fundamentals
Learn the basics of Core Data in this beginner series. You’ll learn how to model your data with attributes and relationships, save data using a context, display saved data in lists and much more, in both SwiftUI and UIKit!
iOS & Swift
Table Views
Learn all about table views: one of the most common tools in iOS development. Display and manipulate data in customizable table views while practicing fundamental concepts used across iOS & UIKit.
iOS & Swift
Layout in iOS
SwiftUI and UIKit have different systems for layout. You'll learn about both in this course! For SwiftUI, that means Stacks and Alignment. For Auto Layout, it's Stack Views and Constraints, in Interface Builder.