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Catalyst by Tutorials

iii. About the Cover

Catalyst by Tutorials Cover
Catalyst by Tutorials Cover

The hermit crab is a fascinating, adaptable creature; of the approximately 1,100 species of hermit crab, most of them spend their lives living inside the discarded shells of other marine creatures. When shells are scarce, hermit crabs call upon their resourcefulness to find a suitable home for themselves; they have been known to inhabit objects such as hollow pieces of wood, stone, or even discarded cans when a suitable shell can’t be found.

As further proof of the hermit crab’s flexibility and adaptability, some species even give up the nomadic crab lifestyle and live inside fixed structures left behind by animals such as corals or sponges, while a few species head for a better life on land.

Catalyst apps are happy in multiple environments as well; when well-built, they can easily adapt to the iPadOS ecosystem as well as the macOS ecosystem in a nearly seamless manner. If your iPad app is useful enough that it makes sense to bridge it to a desktop operating system, Catalyst will be there to help your iPad app scuttle over to its new home on macOS. I just wonder what a hermit crab would think about all of the shell commands on macOS?

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