Flutter ListView

Learn and understand how to use the ListView widget in Flutter to display lists and scrollable interfaces. By Emmanuel Okiche.

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Who is this for?

This course is for Flutter, iOS and Android developers seeking to learn how lists and collection type of interfaces are created in Flutter. It is expected that you have knowledge of setting up a basic Flutter application before taiking this course.

Covered concepts

  • Explore ListView and its constructors
  • Scroll Physics and other ListView properties
  • Scroll Animations and NotificationListener
  • Infinite Loading List
  • Use AnimatedList to animate list items
  • Other variations of ListView and ScrollViews

Part 1: Explore ListView

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What is a ListView? Get to know this widget, explore some of its properties and see how to display a list of data.

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Explore different variations of the ListView widget through its constructors and understand their differences.

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See how the ScrollPhysics differs on Android and iOS and learn about the primary property and how it affects scrolling in the viewport.

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See how different properties affect the rendering of the ListView and its children and learn when to use them.

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Learn how to control scrolling and listen for events of a ListView through the ScrollController class.

Part 2: ListView in Action

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Display the result from an online API response in our application using the ListView.builder() constructor.

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Make a new request to load more items when you scroll to the end of the ListView and display an item loading state while making the network call.

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Animate the scroll to top FloatingActionButton based on the scroll direction of the ListView widget.

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Learn how to use the AnimatedList widget to incorporate animations when adding and removing items from the the List.

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Get a basic introduction to other ScrollViews like the GridView widget and learn when to use a CustomScrollView.