Swift 5.1 Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference

Download a handy 4-page PDF Swift 5.1 Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference! By Lorenzo Boaro.

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Swift 5.1 Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference

1 min

Sometimes when learning a new language it’s handy to have a cheat sheet as you are getting used to syntax. After you’ve learned the language, it’s always nice to have a quick reference to refer to when using less common idioms.

So we’ve made this cheat sheet for learning Swift 5.1:

It summarizes the most important Swift 5.1 syntax on one page to get you up to speed quickly, including:

  • Class Implementation
  • Methods
  • Optionals
  • Collections
  • Declaring Variables
  • Control Flow
  • Initializers
  • Extensions
  • Coding Protocols
  • String Quick Examples
  • Array Quick Examples
  • Dictionary Quick Examples

You can also download a Swift 5.1 playground with the examples from the cheat sheet.

Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions on how to improve this. We’ll be updating this periodically as Swift changes.

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