4 Opportunities to Join the raywenderlich.com Team

We have 4 opportunities to join the raywenderlich.com: as the recruiter, as the article team lead, as a podcaster, or as a forum subject matter expert. Find out what’s involved and how to apply! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Have you ever considered joining our team? Well, there’s good news – we currently have 4 opportunities to join! We are currently looking for the following:

  1. A recruiter
  2. An article team lead
  3. A few podcasters
  4. A few forum subject matter experts

All of these roles can easily be done in your spare time, and are a great way to get your foot in the door at our site. Keep reading to find out what’s involved, and how to apply!

1) A Recruiter

Did you know we have over 100 people on our waiting list to join the raywenderlich.com team tutorial team?

The problem is, although most of these folks appear to be incredibly talented developers, we are currently bottlenecked in our tryout process. Our tutorial teams are so busy making tutorials, we often don’t have the bandwidth to walk the best candidates through our tryout process.

Therefore, we are looking for someone to be the official raywenderlich.com recruiter. This involves:

  • Replying to anyone who applies to join the tutorial team
  • Sending and grading tryouts for the best applicants
  • Transitioning those that pass the tryouts to the appropriate teams
  • Actively recruiting top developers via email, conferences, and blog posts

This opportunity is great for anyone who wants to be in the inner circle at raywenderlich.com – you’ll work closely with myself and the other team leads. Your work will make a huge difference helping us identify the best developers, teachers, and authors out there, so we can continue to make amazing tutorials for our community.

2) An Article Team Lead

Although our primary focus at raywenderlich.com is writing tutorials, we also have a small article team. Here are a few recent articles by the team:

Currently, I am the article team lead, but I’ve been having a hard time running the team along with my other obligations, so I am looking for someone to take my spot.

This opportunity is great for people who consider themselves an especially talented writer, and often write for fun. It’s a very fun and creative role, and your work will help us continue to create unique and helpful articles for our readers, leveraging the unique strengths of our team.

3) A Few Podcasters

As you may know, Mic Pringle and Jake Gundersen have been running the raywenderlich.com podcast for many years now (ever since 2014!), and at this point they’re ready to pass the torch to someone else.

The podcast has been very successful, with over 6,000 downloads per episode on average. In our podcast we dive deep into technical subjects while avoiding rambling and being respectful of listener’s time – with the goal each listener always learning something new.

We are looking for two new podcasters to take over for Mic and Jake. They have big shoes to fill! This opportunity is great if you are an advanced level mobile developer who loves learning new things and talking about tech.

4) A Few Forum Subject Matter Experts

Part of raywenderlich.com is our forums: a place where people can ask questions about our any of our tutorials, or the general subjects of iOS, Android, and Unity development.

We have a few forum subject matter experts, who periodically check the forums and help answer questions. However, recently there’s been a larger volume of questions than we can handle, so we could use some help.

This opportunity is great for people who enjoy helping other developers who are struggling with a problem. You’ll also find that by helping our with various issues, you’ll learn a ton yourself!

Why Join Our Team?

Here are the top reasons to join the Tutorial Team:

  • Learning. You’ll always be learning something new – and will have fun doing it! You’ll become a better developer, writer, and person, and make a lot of new friends along the way.
  • Team Camaraderie. You’ll get to know me and the rest of the team, on our team-only Slack or at our team-only fun day at our annual tutorial conference. We have a lot of camaraderie, so it’s a great way to meet fellow developers and make friends!
  • Personal Exposure. Your picture and bio will be prominently featured on our site, and you’ll be able to list the work you do here on yoru resume. Many team members have gotten full-time jobs at top-tier companies, in part because of the work they have done on this site.
  • Money! Get paid to learn!

    • For the recruiter we are offering $100/month, plus an additional $100/person recruited.
    • For the article team lead we are offering $100/month, plus an additional $100/article your team completes within that month.
    • For the podcasters we are offering 70% of the revenue we earn from selling ads on our podcasts (divided by the podcasters).
    • For the forum subject matter experts we are offering $80/month each.
  • Special Opportunities. Members of the Tutorial Team get access to special opportunities such as contributing to our books and products, speaking at our conference, being a guest on our podcast, working on team projects, and much more.
  • Contracting Opportunities. Members of the Tutorial Team share contracting opportunities we hear about to the rest of the team – a great way to find out about more work.
  • Free Stuff! And as a final bonus, by joining the Tutorial Team you will get a lot of free stuff! You’ll get a free copy of all of the products we sell on the site – over $1,000 in value!
  • You’ll Make a Difference. We get emails every day about how our tutorials help our readers make their first app, get their dream job, or accomplish a lifelong dream of making their own game. This means a lot to us and makes all the hard work worth it!

Where To Go From Here?

If you are interested in any of these roles, please send me an email with the answers to the following questions:

  • Which of these roles are you most interested in?
  • Why are you interested in this role?
  • Why do you think you’d be especially good in this role?
  • What experience do you have related to this role?
  • How much time do you have available to work on this role?

I look forward to working with a few of you to help continue to improve our site! :]