Reactive Programming in iOS with Combine

Feb 4 2021 Swift 5.3, macOS 11.0, Xcode 12.2

Part 3: Combining Operators

20. Challenge: Advanced Combining

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You’ve learned all about Advanced Combining Operators - so now it’s time for a challenge. For this challenge, you’ll build upon the last challenge, where you constructed some modern day phone numbers. This time, however, the data is a bit more complex.

example(of: "Making Phone Numbers") {

  let phoneNumbersPublisher = ["123-4567", "555-1212", "555-1111", "123-6789"].publisher
  let areaCodePublisher = ["410", "757", "800", "540"].publisher
  let phoneExtensionPublisher = ["EXT 901", "EXT 523", "EXT 137", "EXT 100"].publisher

    .map{$0 + "-" + $1}
    .map{$0 + " " + $1}
    .sink(receiveValue: { print($0) })
    .store(in: &subscriptions)