Introducing the iOS 11 Launch Party!

Check out all the great new iOS 11 and Swift 4 books and courses we have in store for you this season! By Chris Belanger.

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iOS 11 drops next week! It’s time to get this party started — and you’re on the VIP list.

This year marks our seventh annual iOS release celebration. It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this so many years in a row now — and even harder to believe how far iOS has come from its humble beginnings.

Just think: back when many of us first started, there was no ARC, no Storyboards, no ARKit, and most importantly: no Swift!

Now we have the iPhone X with infrared face recognition, cellular-enabled Apple Watches, and animated emoji. I don’t think any of us imagined the future of iOS would look quite like this!

This year, we have an amazing lineup of iOS 11 tutorials, books, and courses — and over $9,000 worth of of giveaways to be awarded to some lucky readers.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s in store:

New and Updated Books

This year, we have ten books that are new or updated for iOS 11. And to celebrate, we’re putting all of them on sale!

And as usual, all of our updates are free for existing PDF customers, to thank you for supporting our site.

Here’s the list of books we’re releasing this year, and when you can expect them:

  1. iOS 11 by Tutorials (NEW!) — September 12
  2. Swift Apprentice, Third Edition — September 18
  3. iOS Apprentice, Sixth Edition — September 20
  4. 2D Apple Games by Tutorials, Second Edition — September 25
  5. 3D Apple Games by Tutorials, Second Edition — September 27
  6. tvOS Apprentice, Third Edition — October 2
  7. iOS Animations by Tutorials, Fourth Edition — October 9
  8. Core Data by Tutorials, Fourth Edition — October 16
  9. watchOS by Tutorials, Third Edition — October 23
  10. Advanced Apple Debugging, Second Edition — October 30

Here’s a detailed look at what’s coming in the next few weeks.

1) iOS 11 by Tutorials

First, we have a brand new book!

iOS 11 and Xcode 9 introduced a pile of amazing new technologies and features that all iOS developers should be aware of — and iOS 11 by Tutorials is the quickest way to get up-to-speed.

Here’s the highlights of what’s inside:

  • ARKit is the most exciting feature in iOS 11 in our opinion, opening up the the world of augmented reality to iPhone developers. ARKit does the heavy lifting of plane detection and camera placement for you, so you can focus on building amazing experiences like portals to virtual worlds, 3D games and art, and compelling ecommerce apps. What new worlds will you create with ARKit?
  • Vision and Core ML frameworks bring the power of machine learning models into your apps. Whether you’re building a sentiment analysis app, creating advanced face and scene detection algorithms, or just trying to figure out whether something is a hot dog or not, Core ML makes it easy to plug pre-trained machine learning models into your app, and Vision provides a host of advanced detection technologies for text, images, faces, and more.
  • Xcode 9 sports a completely rewritten editor, helpers for code refactoring, improved responsiveness, support for Markdown, and (finally!) wireless debugging.
  • And much more, including the new drag-and-drop, PDFKit, MusicKit, Swift 4 updates and more!

Gone are the days when every third-party developer knew everything there is to know about iOS. The sheer size of iOS can make new releases seem daunting.

That’s why the Tutorial Team has been working really hard to extract the important parts of the new APIs, and to present this information in an easy-to-understand tutorial format. This means you can focus on what you want to be doing — building amazing apps!

iOS 11 by Tutorials is available today — get it now during the iOS 11 Launch Party sale for just $44.99! But don’t wait, the sale ends soon.

iOS 11 by Tutorials Authors

Here are the hard-working authors who have contributed to iOS 11 by Tutorials:

Jawwad Ahmad is a freelance iOS Developer that dove into Swift head first and has not looked back. He enjoys mentoring and teaching and was the original founder of the NYC iOS Study Group Meetup and later on the Atlanta iOS Study Group Meetup. He’s worked for companies as large as The New York Times, and as small as GateGuru, a 6 person startup.

Jerry Beers is a co-founder of Five Pack Creative, a mobile development company specializing in iOS development. He’s worked on client projects, like American Airlines and, but lately he’s been pouring his focus into Hours, a time tracking app. He is passionate about creating well-crafted code and teaching others. In partnership with Ray Wenderlich, he recently launched Alt-U, a live remote and in-person iOS training program. Jerry enjoys spending time on the beach with his wife and kids, SCUBA diving, and watching movies.

Michał Ciuruś is an iOS developer at Jodel. He likes to blog about his Swift adventures. His love of computer games has led to him to look what’s under the hood. He started with C++ at a young age and his first game was a memory leak simulator. He’s also addicted to discovering new technologies and learning iOS software architecture.

Richard Critz is on career number three as a professional photographer (after first being a software engineer doing mainframe O/S development for 20+ years and then a stint as a corporate pilot) doing contract iOS development on the side. Some would say he just can’t make up his mind. Actually, he just likes diversity! When he’s not working on either of those, he’s probably playing League of Legends (with or without the rest of his family). On Twitter, while being mainly read-only, he can be found at @rcritz. The rest of his professional life can be found at

Michael Katz envisions a world where mobile apps always work, respect users’ privacy, and integrate well with their users’ life. When not coding, he can be found with his family playing board games, brewing, gardening, and watching the Yankees.

Andy Pereira is a senior iOS developer with Delta Air Lines. When he’s not coding, he’s spending time traveling the world with his wife, and playing guitar.

Mic Pringle is an iOS developer by trade, but he’s recently found himself dabbling in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript. An F1 nut at heart, Mic enjoys spending time with his wife Lucy and their daughter Evie, watching his beloved Fulham F.C. and, weather permitting, tearing up the English countryside on his motorbike.

Jeff Rames is an enterprise iOS developer in San Antonio, TX. When not working, he’s spending time with his wife and daughters, watching rocket launches, or cooking wood fired pizza. Say hi on Twitter at @jefframes.

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