Join Us for our First State of Mobile Jobs Survey 2022!

See how you compare to your mobile developer peers by answering our State of Mobile Jobs Survey 2022! By Lauren Elizabeth.

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Join Us for our First State of Mobile Jobs Survey 2022!

1 min

Have you ever started your job search and asked yourself, “What salary should I ask for?” then wind up falling down a black hole trying to figure out fair compensation for your specific skills, location, and industry? We want to help you answer that question and we need about 8 minutes of your time to do it.

Mobile developers come from all over the world, have different skill sets, and represent all different communities. All of these details make it impossible to compare one developer’s salary to another at a glance. Searching for an iOS developer’s salary will get you results that range from $61,000-156,000 USD, but it becomes impossible to know where to put yourself in that range. That’s why we put this survey together!

We’re asking questions about who you are, your current compensation and benefits, employer, skills, and experience level. Your answers will be 100% anonymous and we will release the results back to the community publicly once the survey is completed after September 15th, 2022. When we have enough responses from developers all over the world, that data will provide a reliable benchmark for your fellow developers to know what they’re worth in the workplace.

To do that, though, we need you to answer our survey!

Feel like helping out your fellow developers and making the state of mobile development a little fairer? We can’t wait to see the results 👀