Saving Data in iOS

May 31 2022 Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

Part 2: JSON

13. Saving On Device

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Apple’s Bundle documentation

This course was originally recorded in April 2020. It has been reviewed and all content and materials updated as of November 2021.

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In this video, you’ll begin working with files in the user’s app Sandbox. Up until now you were decoding the JSON data from files in your app Bundle, that is, in files that were already added to your application prior to building your application binary.

let temporaryDirectoryURL = FileManager.default.temporaryDirectory
let tasksJSONURL = URL(fileURLWithPath: "PrioritizedTasks",
                       relativeTo: FileManager.documentsDirectoryURL).appendingPathExtension("json")
print((try? FileManager.default.contentsOfDirectory(atPath: FileManager.documentsDirectoryURL.path)) ?? [])