Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: Polishing the App

Mar 1 2022 Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

Part 3: A Custom Alert

24. Introduction

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This video was last updated on Mar 1 2022

Currently, when the user taps the “Hit Me” button, we display the default alert that iOS provides for us, which looks like this.

However, if you look at Luke’s design in Figma, he’s specced it out to look like this.

I think we can agree that Luke’s design looks a lot better! So that’s what we’ll be implementing in this part of the course.

Not only will this be a great review of SwiftUI views and view modifiers, but you’ll also dive a bit deeper, and learn how to modify your view hierarchy depending on its state, how to animate views, how to avoid using magic numbers, and you’ll even dive deeper into Xcode shortcuts.

So let’s wrap up the “Make the app look pretty” item on our programming to-do list and implement that custom alert.