Your First Flutter App: Polishing the App

Apr 12 2022 Dart 2.14.1, Flutter 2.5, Visual Studio Code

Part 1: Introduction to Dart

5. Use If Statements

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Let’s implement the algorithm we just designed to calculate the difference between the slider and the target value in Dart.

if (something is true) 
if (something is true) {
    then do this
} else if (something else is true) {
    then do this instead
} else {
    do something if neither of the above are true
const int maximumScore = 100;
int difference;
if (_model.current > {

if (_model.current > {
    difference = _model.current -;
else if ( > _model.current) {

difference = - _model.current;;
} else {
    difference = 0;
return maximumScore - difference;