Your First Flutter App: An App From Scratch

Feb 22 2022 Dart 2.14.1, Flutter 2.5, Visual Studio Code 1.6

Part 3: Create UI with Flutter

18. Introduction

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This video Introduction was last updated on Feb 22 2022

How’s your introduction to Flutter coming along? If this is your first foray into any sort of development, then it’s going to be quite overwhelming. You’re learning a lot of concepts at once such as the language, the framework, the tooling - all at once. If you are coming from a development background, you may find the conventions a little strange. The best thing to do in both cases is to embrace the uncertainty. That is, embrace the beginner mind and understand that this moment is but a temporary one.

I say this because things are going to get interesting in this part.

First, you’ll learn how to set the orientation of a device.

Then you’ll layout some more widgets.

After which, you’ll add a slider to the app.

You’ll then play around with padding and spacing at which point,

you’ll learn how to manage widget state.

Finally, we’ll conclude this part with a discussion about strings.

So there’s a lot to do so let’s get to work.