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Beginning Firebase for iOS

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Firebase is a mobile-backend-as-a-service that provides several features for building powerful mobile apps. Learn how to use the Firebase SDK in your SwiftUI apps, and leverage the power of two of Firebase’s core features: Cloud Firestore database and Authentication to build powerful apps without writing a single line of server code. By Catie Catterwaul.

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Who is this for?

This course is for iOS developers looking to get started integrating Firebase services into their apps. This course will be most helpful to developers who are comfortable with Swift and SwiftUI, and have some experience with Combine.

Covered concepts

  • Swift Package Manager
  • Firebase
  • Cloud Firestore
  • Authentication

Part 1: Set Up Firebase

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Learn what kinds of services Firebase has to offer and see a roadmap for topics covered in this course.

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Get set up with a Firebase account and learn how to add the Firebase SDK to an iOS app using the SwiftUI lifecycle.

Part 2: Cloud Firestore

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Create a new Firestore database, explore its architecture, and even create some data via the Firebase console.

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Use the repository pattern to give your app access to the Firestore database, read data from the database, and display it as a SwiftUI flash card.

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Learn how to create data and save it to your Firestore database.

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Learn how to access specific cards and update their data in real-time.

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What can be created, can also be destroyed. Delete cards from your Firestore database.

Part 3: Authentication

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Explore the myriad authentication options Firebase offers out of the box.

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Combine the power of authenticating anonymous users and creating security rules for your Firestore database.

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Set up a second authentication option in your app that will allow users to create an account with an email and password.

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Connect a SwiftUI Sign In view to add a new user account to the app.

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Learn how to sign users in and out of anonymous and email/password accounts.

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Try handling some of the possible errors connected to account creation and management.

Conclusion 0:45
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Review what you’ve learned in this course and find out where to go next.