Material Transitions in Flutter with the Animations Package

Sep 21 2021 Dart 2.13, Flutter, VS Code 1.59

Part 1: Material Transitions in Flutter with the Animations Package

3. Create a FadeThrough Animation

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The next transition on our list is the FadeThroughTransition. We’ll be using it to switch between pages from the BottomNavigationBar.

    transitionBuilder: (
        Widget child,
        Animation<double> primaryAnimation,
        Animation<double> secondaryAnimation,
    ) {

    child: IndexedStack(
        key: ValueKey<int>(_selectedIndex),
        index: _selectedIndex,
        children: <Widget>[..._pages],
return FadeThroughTransition(
    child: child,
    animation: primaryAnimation,
    secondaryAnimation: secondaryAnimation,