Free AR and Unity Videos — Until April 5th!

To help celebrate AR/VR week at, we’re making a few select video courses completely free for you to enjoy! By Tiffani Randolph.

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Usually our video courses are reserved for subscribers only. But we’ve opened up a few of our most popular AR and Unity courses to give you a chance to see what you’re missing.

Read on to see what courses are fully available to all readers, until Friday, April 5!!

Beginning ARKit

Beginning ARKit, by Joey deVilla: Learn how to create multiple ARKit apps as you master working with augmented reality!

  • Learn the fundamentals of augmented reality and how ARKit works
  • Build an app to paint in 3D in ARK
  • Add virtual IKEA-esque furniture to your room in AR
  • Create an AR museum guide with image detection, annotation and image hiding
  • Learn how to scan and detect 3D reference objects in the real world
  • ..and more!

This course is for intermediate iOS developers; experience with SpriteKit or SceneKit is helpful, but not absolutely necessary!

Beginning Programming with C#

Beginning Programming with C#, by Brian Moakley: This course will teach you the basics of working with the C# language. You’ll learn how to write programs using Microsoft’s premiere development language: C#.

  • Start with installing Visual Studio
  • Work with variables, operators, and types
  • Learn how to cast, work with operators, strings and nullable types
  • Enumerate collections and work with arrays
  • Create control flow in your programs with if statements, switch statements and loops
  • …and more!

Intermediate Programming with C#

Intermediate Programming with C#, by Brian Moakley: While you can create a C# program with just variables and control flow, C# is an object oriented language (OOP). This means you organize your code into objects which interact with each other. This course will provide the basics of OOP by introducing you to value types and reference types.

  • Go further with C# with structs and methods
  • Work through tuples, properties, constructors and namespaces
  • Learn about classes, inheritance, and hierarchy
  • Override and overload methods
  • Go all the way with object-oriented programming with abstraction, interfaces, polymorphism and more!

C# Collections, Lambdas, and LINQ

C# Collections, Lambdas, and LINQ, by Brian Moakley: Looking to have objects contain other objects? Looking to call code on demand? Want to query your collections like you would query a database? This course will cover all that, and build on what you learned in Beginning C# and Intermediate C#.

  • Learn how lists and collections work
  • See how to work with dictionaries and other collection types
  • Code to interfaces to create resilient code
  • Learn how to build generic classes and methods
  • Figure out how to use delegates, events, and lambdas
  • …and more!

You can enjoy all of these video courses, for free, until Friday, April 5!!

Where to Go From Here?

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We also have our AR & VR Starter Bundles on sale:

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I hope you enjoy the free video courses!!