Android In App Review

Jan 28 2021 · Kotlin 1.4, Android 5, Android Studio 4

Part 1: Implementing In App Review

01. Learn About In App Review

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Notes: 01. Learn About In App Review

Prerequisites for this course are Android Studio 4, Kotlin 1.4 and either a physical device that can run Android 5 (API 21) or above, or an emulator with the same support.

Having intermediate Android and Kotlin development knowledge is extremely helpful, but the course focuses on the In App Review API so it’s not necessary. Advanced knowledge about code structuring and optimization is welcome.

Transcript: 01. Learn About In App Review

Every application that’s published on any kind of store uses the app rating as one of the primary ways to show how good, stable and polished it is.

At least from the user perspective, when you see applications with a high rating, you’re more likely to install such apps. Similarly, if the app rating is very low, you’re less likely to install such apps.

Apps usually increase or decrease in rating based on all the reviews it receivers from users. You can’t really control when these reviews happen on the play store and if they happen at all. People usually leave reviews if they get frustrated by apps of if something’s broken, but rarely do they leave positive reviews without any encouragement.

This is why developers ask users to review their apps, but this used to force users to open the Play Store and then go through the process of reviewing the app. Not only does this make the entire process harder and slower, but you’re asking users to leave your app and do something else, which not many people want to do.

Ideally, you want users to leave a quick review, without ever having to leave your app! That doesn’t require of them to stop what they’re doing for a long time or leave your app. But is that even possible?

With the Android In App Review, it is! :] The In App Review API lets you queue and start the Review process, without users leaving your app or having to do much work. It’s a very simple and nice API that lets you show a card within your screen, that asks users for a review.

This is much better as it’s easier for users to review the app, it’s faster and you can schedule these reviews whenever you want. Additionally, the IAR API has internal checks, that prevent you from asking a user that rated your app to rate it again.

You’ll see how to implement the In App Review feature in this course, as well as how to apply best practices when it comes to asking users for reviews. It’s not always a good time to ask for reviews, as it’s important to find the right moment. We’ll learn when to ask for reviews as well as how to ask for reviews, using this wonderful API.

You’ll do all this using the app. The app, codenamed Emitron, is an open source application and project, which our team published to let our users watch video courses and download them on their phones for offline use.

The app is filled with awesome features, such as the ability to go through and filter out our learning paths, bookmark video courses, watch them on your phone, and even download them, and use them offline.

You can also see which courses you’ve started watching and which you’ve completed. And by the time you’re done with the course, you’ll learn how to implement the In App Review feature! Really cool! :]