Android In App Review

This course will teach you how to implement the new Android In App Review API from the Play Core set of tools. You’ll learn how to ask for user reviews at key moments in your app to help increase your Play Store rating and improve your app visibility! By Filip Babić.

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Who is this for?

This course is for professional Android developers who are looking to improve their published app’s Play Store rating, in turn increasing the outreach and visibility of their app.

Covered concepts

  • Multi-Module Projects
  • Code Decoupling
  • Play Store Ratings & Reviews
  • In App Review API
  • Shared Preferences
  • Review Manager
  • Review Info
  • Dependency Injection
  • Review API Limits
  • Reviews User Experience
  • Testing Play Core APIs

Part 1: Implementing In App Review

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Learn about different types of app reviews and why it’s important to analyze and ask for user ratings of your app. Explore the differences between regular Play Store reviews and In App Reviews.

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Learn how to set up the Emitron app to start using the sample project.

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Start by building an In App Review module that will represent the decoupled logic for showing and managing reviews.

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Build a separate SharedPreferences handler to store information about the In App Review feature and user choices.

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Provide all the dependencies your In App Review feature requires, such as SharedPreferences and the IAR manager.

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Implement the core part of your In App Review Feature, the manager which holds all the logic and Play Core API dependencies you need to start the IAR flow.

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Connect the In App Review manager to your IAR dialog prompt, which you show when the user finishes watching a video course.

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Finally run the app and test your IAR feature and your dialog prompt. Test the option to review the app and check if your IAR prompt shows up.

Learn what limits there are to testing the IAR feature and how to set up Play Store testing.

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Implement final code changes that will help your IAR feature, by adding a failsafe. Add code to future-proof your “review later” logic.