Two New Swift Books Coming Soon!

Two new swift books are coming to soon – iOS Animations by Tutorials and WatchKit by Tutorials! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Two New Swift Books Coming Soon!

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This is just a quick heads up that two brand new Swift books are coming to soon!

The first you know about already – WatchKit by Tutorials. This is our new book that teaches you everything you need to know to make Apple Watch apps – we’ve been working hard on this for months and are just about wrapped up.

The second you may have heard some rumors about – iOS Animations by Tutorials. We have been working on this for months but have kept it a secret, so we could give a free advance copy to everyone who attended RWDevCon.

Wondering when these will be available? Just around the corner!

  • iOS Animations by Tutorials: Monday Feb 16: iOS Animations by Tutorials (both print and PDF versions) will be for sale on Monday. This book teaches you how to create delightful animations in Swift – from beginning to advanced topics.
  • WatchKit by Tutorials: Monday Feb 23: WatchKit by Tutorials (PDF version) will be available for download in a little over a week! This will give you plenty of time to read and get your apps ready for the Apple Watch launch. The print version will come sometime after WatchKit is out of beta.

So check back on Monday for the big launch celebration – we have lots of exciting things planned! :]


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