iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition Now Available!

iOS Animations by Tutorials has been fully updated for iOS 9, Xcode 7, and Swift 2 – find out how to get your copy! By Ray Wenderlich.

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iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition Now Available!

2 mins

It’s Wednesday during the iOS 9 Feast, and you know what that means – book release day! :]

Today, Marin Todorov and I are happy to announce that iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition is now available for download.

iOS Animations by Tutorials teaches you how to make delightful animations in your apps with Swift 2.

You start with basic view and layer animations, move all the way through Auto Layout animations, view controller transitions, and finally look into third party animation libraries like Facebook’s Pop.

In the second edition, Marin has updated the book for iOS 9, Xcode 7, and Swift 2, and added 3 brand new chapters to the book:

  • Layer Springs: A tour of the shiny new CASpringAnimation class in iOS 9, which allows you to easily create layer spring animations.
  • Replicating Animations: Introduces the little known but powerful CAReplicatorLayer class. This is one of Marin’s favorite animation classes so you’re in for some fun!
  • Easy Animation: Learn how to get started with a third party animation library written by Marin that makes building complex animations really easy.

This is a free update for existing PDF customers – you can download the update on your My Loot page.

If you don’t have a copy of the book yet, now’s the time; since the book has been fully updated, there’s no better time to level-up your iOS animation skills. Be sure to grab your copy and have some fun! :]

Marin and I hope you enjoy iOS Animations by Tutorials second edition, and look forward to seeing some amazing iOS animations in your apps.