Review My Stuff

Want a senior member of the development community to look over your current project, run a critical eye over your professional résumé, or review some code you’ve been struggling with? This program is designed to do just that.

Office Hours are great when you have questions that can be answered with minimal preparation and time.

But what if you need someone to help you with deeper questions on your particular project, or to lend a critical eye to your resume or job search?

That’s just what the Review My Stuff livestream is designed to do!

How Does Review My Stuff Work?

In these live sessions, two senior members of the Tutorial Team will review “stuff” submitted by readers, including:

  • Code
  • Resumes or LinkedIn pages
  • Apps in development
  • Anything else you can point to with a URL! :]

The goal of Review My Stuff is to serve as a coach to help you learn and grow as a mobile developer. This is your chance to get your “stuff” reviewed by some senior developers, and hopefully learn some new skills or techniques.

Even if you don’t have stuff to review, you can still attend these sessions to hear about some best practices from senior developers, and learn something new!

How Do I Register for Review My Stuff?

You can register to attend Review My Stuff (and submit your stuff) here:

Will The Sessions Be Recorded?

Yes! We record all sessions and post the videos on our site afterwards.

You can find all recordings we have so far on this page:

The Hosts of Review My Stuff

Meet the hosts of Review My Stuff: Marin and Adam!

Marin Bencevic is a Swift and Unity developer who likes to work on cool iOS apps and games, nerd out about programming, learn new things and then blog about it. Mostly, though, he just causes SourceKit crashes. He also has a chubby cat. You can read his blog here.

Adam Rush is a passionate iOS developer with over 7 years of commercial experience, contracting all over the UK & Europe. He’s a tech addict and #Swift enthusiast. When he’s not writing code, he enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family. You can reach him by email or on Twitter.

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