May 8 2020 ·

Ray Wenderlich: How to Run a Remote Company

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From the speaker:

Overnight, we've transitioned from remote working being a 'rare treat' to the 'new normal'.

But as we're all discovering, in order to run your company remotely (and successfully), you need new strategies, and new tools.

In this workshop, Ray will share what he has learned running a remote company over the past 10 years, transitioning from a solo indie developer to a 17-person company (+ a team of over 250 part-time authors and editors).

We'll discuss topics like:

  • The joy (and the challenges) of remote working
  • Dos and Don'ts of running a remote company
  • Working across different time zones
  • Learning to embrace asynchronicity
  • Communication methods: which to use when?
  • How to coordinate large projects remotely
  • The power of guides and documentation
  • Setting goals: from company to team to individual
  • The best tools to use for remote companies
  • How to build company culture when working remotely
  • How to hire and onboard team members remotely