Announcing Our Learn At Home Sale!

Save big with limited-time Advanced iOS and Android book bundles, plus 50% off every book in our store! By Tiffani Randolph.

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A few weeks ago, we introduced RW Community Care – a three-month series of office hours, livestreams, bootcamps, and more, designed to help the mobile development community stay connected and to keep learning — even while a lot of us who are used to the office lifestyle are now working at home.

As an extension of that, we’re excited to introduce the Learn At Home sale, to help you continue learning for less, no matter what mobile platform you’re into.

What Is the Learn At Home Sale?

The Learn At Home Sale gives you:

  • 50% off all books in our online store (yes, every single book) 🎉
  • Advanced iOS & Swift and Advanced Android & Kotlin book bundles for just $99.99 to help you stay at the top of your game 🎉
  • Plus we have a host of winners from our Learn at Home Bundle giveaway — read on to see who the lucky winners are!

Keep reading to get all of the details on the 50% off book sale, the iOS and Android bundles, and how you can win a bundle for yourself!

50% Off All Books

To help you build your development skills and save a little of your hard-earned money, all of the books in our online store are now on sale for 50% off!

Maybe you’re looking to get started with developing for in iOS or Android; perhaps you’re looking to level up your skills with mobile architecture, testing, or reactive programming; or it could be you’re looking to sharpen your skills for whiteboard interviews or other ways to grow your career in the industry.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. And now you can build your library for less, with 50% off each and every book in our online store.

All books in our online store are now 50% off!

And don’t forget, any future updates to existing books are free for digital edition customers. It’s a small way to thank you for being a supporter our books.

iOS & Swift and Android & Kotlin Book Bundles

We’re pleased to announce two great advanced book bundles, perfect for the mobile developer who wants to keep their skills sharp in this ever-changing industry. All bundles include brand-new books, as well as our most popular books covering advanced iOS and Android skills!

Learn At Home Book Bundle

Our Advanced iOS & Swift Learn At Home bundle is designed for the advanced iOS developer who already knows the basics and is looking to stay at the top of their game.

This book bundle includes three, brand-new books, along with our top two books for advanced iOS developers:

  1. Auto Layout by Tutorials, First Edition (new!)
  2. App Design Apprentice, First Edition (pre-order!)
  3. Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials, First Edition (new!)
  4. Machine Learning by Tutorials, Second Edition (updated chapters!)
  5. Mastering Git First Edition (new chapters!)

The cost to buy these books separately is $279.95, but you can get all five advanced iOS books for just $99.99. (That’s 64% off — you save over $150!).

If you’re serious about growing your career as an iOS developer, or you are thinking about moving from another platform to iOS, there’s no better way to position yourself as an expert in the iOS field.

Advanced Android & Kotlin Learn At Home Bundle

Our Advanced Android & Kotlin Learn At Home bundle has five books designed to grow your skills as an advanced Android developer:

  1. App Design Apprentice, First Edition (pre-order!)
  2. Mastering Git, First Edition (new chapters!)
  3. Advanced Android App Architecture, First Edition
  4. Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials, First Edition
  5. Reactive Programming with Kotlin, First Edition

The cost to buy these books separately is $279.95, but you can get all five advanced Android books for just $99.99. (That’s 64% off and over $150 in savings!)

The Android and Kotlin world moves fast, and you don’t want to get left behind. There’s no better time to grow your library — and your career — with the advanced Android & Kotlin Learn At Home bundle.

Introducing Our New Books

Although we may have spilled the beans above when talking about the bundles, we’re excited to announce three brand new surprise books as part of our Learn At Home Sale this year!

New Book — Auto Layout by Tutorials

Our first new book is Auto Layout by Tutorials and it’s 100% complete and available today!

While it may seem daunting at first, Auto Layout is an elegant solution to making your user interfaces flexible and adaptable without thousands of lines of code that are both difficult to understand and troublesome to maintain.

This book will be your guide as you explore and master the many capabilities Auto Layout provides.

What’s inside Auto Layout by Tutorials:

  • Interface Builder: Learn to use Interface Builder to construct and maintain your user interfaces.
  • Stack Views & Scroll Views: Learn how these special view types interact with Auto Layout and how best to utilize them in your apps.
  • Self-Sizing Views: Discover how to make your user interface dynamically adapt to its content.
  • Animating Constraints: See how to animate your Auto Layout constraints to provide feedback, focus user attention and improve navigation.
  • Adaptive Layout: Learn to use Auto Layout to make adjustments for screen size, orientation, Dynamic Type size and more.
  • Resolving Common Issues: Discover how to investigate when things go awry and learn how to resolve Auto Layout conflicts.

After reading this book, you’ll be prepared to harness the full power of Auto Layout in all of your apps!

This book is 100% complete and available now. And it’s on sale for just $29.99 — that’s 50% off!

About the Authors

Jayven Nhan is an author of this book. He is an Apple scholar who contributes his best work to passion, fitness training, and nutrition. Passion makes problem-solving an enjoyment. Fitness training keeps him from staring at his Macbook, unrequited love. Nutrition gives him the epic energy he needs to power his day. He enjoys meeting passionate developers from all around the world. Outside of coding, you may find him listening to audiobooks and podcasts, reading, or watching YouTube videos.

Libranner Santos is an author of this book. He is a Software Engineer, with a passion for teaching at all levels and always eager to learn new things. Over the last few years, he has worked with many companies all over the world as a mobile developer. He’s the co-founder of When he’s not programming, you can probably find him at the basketball court, dancing salsa or reading a book.