Jetpack Security

Learn how to use the AndroidX Jetpack Security library for managing security keys and encrypting file and preferences data. By Joe Howard.

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Who is this for?

Intermediate Android developers looking to understand how to make their user data more secure via encryption.

Covered concepts

  • Key generation
  • Encrypted SharedPreferences
  • File encryption
  • Advanced encryption
  • The Biometric Library
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Learn about the need for the Jetpack Security library, which unifies and simplifies the use of encryption in Android apps.

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Explore the starter project for the course, which includes all the necessary UI code and resources for the sample project.

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See how to set up and use encrypted shared preferences, including encryption of both the keys and values.

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Create a function that will give you access to an EncryptedFile, using an API similar to that for accessing EncryptedSharedPreferences.

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Write data into an EncryptedFile, read data back in from the EncryptedFile, and alert the user when there are read or write errors.

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Specify the use of advanced encryption for accessing the file system, including the use of the Android StrongBox KeyStore.

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Use the AndroidX Biometric library to create a fingerprint prompt, adding an extra layer of security to accessing encrypted data.