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Flutter & Dart · 197 Results

Flutter & Dart
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Creating Reusable Custom Widgets in Flutter
Learn how to design and create your own custom widgets in Flutter that you can use in any of your projects or share with the world.
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Introducing Kodeco — The New
Kodeco is the new Come learn about our fresh new brand, what’s new, and what’s staying the same as always!
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Drawing Custom Shapes With CustomPainter in Flutter
Learn how to use a Flutter CustomPainter to draw custom shapes and paths by creating a neat curved profile card with gradient colors.
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Flutter Navigator 2.0 and Deep Links
With Flutter’s Navigator 2.0, learn how to handle deep links in Flutter and gain the ultimate navigation control for your app.
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State Management With Provider
See how to architect your Flutter app using Provider, letting you readily handle app state to update your UI when the app state changes.
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Interview Questions and Answers
In this article, you’ll work through a series of Flutter and Dart job interview questions and answers.
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Google Maps for Flutter Tutorial: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate the Google Maps API into your Flutter app by creating an app to show places to eat nearby.
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Infinite Scrolling Pagination in Flutter
Learn how to implement infinite scrolling pagination (also known as lazy loading) in Flutter using the Infinite Scroll Pagination package.
Flutter & Dart
Getting Started With the BLoC Pattern
See how to use the popular BLoC pattern to build your Flutter app architecture and manage the flow of data through your widgets using Dart streams.
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Parsing JSON in Flutter
Learn about getting and parsing JSON data from the internet when building a cross-platform app using Flutter.
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Theming a Flutter App: Getting Started
Learn how to make your app stand out by styling widgets, creating a dynamic theme, and toggling between available themes.
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Building a Drawing App in Flutter
Learn how to create a drawing app in Flutter and explore Flutter’s capability to render and control a custom UI with the help of CustomPaint widgets.
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Flutter Navigator 2.0: Using go_router
Go beyond Flutter’s Navigator 2.0 and learn how to handle navigation with the go_router package.
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Free Kodeco Books for Meetups and Conferences!
Do you organize or attend any iOS, Android, Flutter, Server-Side Swift, or Unity meetups or conferences? Sign up here to receive free Kodeco books to give away at your event!
Flutter & Dart
The Top 5 Flutter State Management Solutions: A Deep Dive
State management is a critical part of any user-facing application’s architecture. It ensures the app’s data and interface remain synchronized as users interact. In the following tutorial, you will explore the most popular state management solutions offered in Flutter.
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Using the Camera on Flutter
See how to integrate the device camera into your Flutter app for iOS and Android.
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Firebase Tutorial for Flutter: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Firebase Firestore databases in Flutter by creating a fun app that will help you take care of your pets.
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Building Games in Flutter with Flame: Getting Started
Learn how to build a beautiful game in Flutter with Flame. In this tutorial, you’ll build a virtual world with a movable and animated character.
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Getting Started With Flutter
Dive into the Flutter framework, which lets you build iOS, Android, web and desktop apps with a single codebase, by writing a cross-platform app using VS Code.
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Unlocking Your Flutter Widgets With Keys
Learn how using the right keys in your Flutter widgets can help you avoid UI bugs and improve the performance of your app.
Flutter & Dart
Dart Basics
Get an introduction to the basics of the Dart programming language, used for development with the Flutter SDK for mobile, web and beyond.
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Slivers in Flutter: Getting Started
In this article you’ll learn about Slivers in Flutter, how they work, and use them to make a beautifully designed app for recipes.
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Firebase Realtime Database Tutorial for Flutter
Get started with Firebase Realtime Database by building a chat app in Flutter that provides instant updates to connected devices.
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How to Create a 2D Snake Game in Flutter
Learn how to use Flutter as a simple game engine by creating a classic 2D Snake Game. Get to know the basics of 2D game graphics and how to control objects.