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Android & Kotlin · 28 Results

Android & Kotlin Architecture
Android & Kotlin
Lifecycle-Aware Components in Android
Learn about lifecycle-aware components including what they are, how they work & how to create your own components and test them.
Android & Kotlin
MVVM on Android
In this course, you will learn how to build an Android app using the Model-View-ViewModel presentation architecture pattern including testing.
Android & Kotlin
Mobius Tutorial for Android: Getting Started
Learn about Mobius, a functional reactive framework for managing state evolution and side effects and see how to connect it to your Android UIs.
Android & Kotlin
Advanced Data Binding in Android: Binding Adapters
In this advanced data binding tutorial, you’ll learn how you can interact directly with the components in your layouts, assign a value and handle events dispatched by the views using binding adapters.
Android & Kotlin
Jetpack Navigation: Getting Started
In this course, learn how to use the Navigation Architecture Component provided by Android Jetpack Library to simplify navigation in your app. It also helps you visualize your app’s navigation flow. You will also learn how to add Animations and Deep links to your navigation flow.
Android & Kotlin
Lifecycle-Aware Components Using Android Jetpack
Learn about lifecycle-aware components including what they are, how they work, how to implement your own components and how to test them.
Android & Kotlin
Testing Android Architecture Components
Learn how to test the Architecture Components library included in the Android Jetpack suite released in 2017 by Google’s Android Team.
Android & Kotlin
Room Database: Getting Started
Covers loads of cool concepts in local data persistence, using the Room database on Android. Learn how to use Entities, Queries, Relations, Kotlin Coroutines, Type Converters, and database Migrations to develop a complex and wholesome app.
Android & Kotlin
Dependency Injection with Hilt: Fundamentals
In this dependency injection course, learn how to apply an awesome new library called Hilt, to build dependency graphs, and inject dependencies into Android components in an automatic and lifecycle-aware way, without having to write a ton of boilerplate code, you had to write with Dagger.
Android & Kotlin
Navigation Component for Android Part 3: Transition and Navigation
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use shared element transitions, action bar and bottom navigation to make an app that shows a list of random dogs images.
Android & Kotlin
MvRx Android on Autopilot: Getting Started
In this MvRx Android tutorial, you’ll learn how to use this pattern to render the screens of your app based on ViewModels that change state.
Android & Kotlin
Coroutines With Room Persistence Library
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use coroutines with the Room persistence library to allow for asynchronous database operations.
Android & Kotlin
Dagger 2 Tutorial for Android: Advanced – Part 2
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement advanced features of Dagger 2 by using subcomponents, custom scopes and multibinding.
Android & Kotlin
Dagger 2 Tutorial For Android: Advanced
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the advanced concepts of Dagger. You’ll learn about component lifecycles, @Binds, and component builders and factories.
Android & Kotlin
Dependency Injection with Koin
Learn how to get started with the Dependency Injection framework Koin and how it can make developing CLEAN code and testing easier.
Android & Kotlin
Navigation Component for Android Part 2: Graphs and Deep Links
In this tutorial you’ll use the Jetpack Navigation component to write an Android app utilizing graphs and deep links to navigate through different screens.
Android & Kotlin
MVVM and DataBinding: Android Design Patterns
This article describes the MVVM Design Pattern and its components, data binding, and other design patterns and architectural concepts for the Android platform.
Android & Kotlin
MVI Architecture for Android Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn about the MVI (Model-View-Intent) architecture pattern and prepare to apply it to your next Android app.
Android & Kotlin
MVI on Android
In this course, you will use RxJava to build an app using the Model-View-Intent architecture, learning about components like intents, results, and state.
Android & Kotlin
Dagger: Network Injection
In this screencast, you'll use Dagger to inject a network dependency graph, eliminating code duplication including duplicate dependency configuration.
Android & Kotlin
Getting Started With Dagger
In this screencast, you'll learn about dependency injection and the DI library Dagger, and perform your first injection with Dagger.
Android & Kotlin
Getting Started with MVP (Model View Presenter) on Android
In this hands-on tutorial, we apply a design pattern called MVP, short for Model-View-Presenter, to an Android application.
Android & Kotlin
MVP on Android
In this course, you will learn how to build an Android app using the Model-View-Presenter presentation architecture pattern.
Android & Kotlin
Android VIPER Tutorial
In this tutorial, you’ll become familiar with the various layers of the VIPER architecture pattern and see how to keep your app modules clean and independent.