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Server-Side Swift · 25 Results

Server-Side Swift Tools & Libraries
Multiple Domains
Docker on macOS: Getting Started
In this Docker tutorial, you’ll learn Docker vocabulary and the commands for creating, inspecting and removin... more
Server-Side Swift
Elasticsearch in Vapor: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll set up a Vapor server to interact with an Elasticsearch server running locally with ... more
Server-Side Swift
A Complete Guide to Swift Development on Linux
In this tutorial you’ll discover everything you need to start developing Swift on Linux. You’ll learn about L... more
Server-Side Swift
Vapor vs. Kitura: Choosing a Server-Side Swift Framework
If you’re coming from iOS development and considering server-side Swift, one of the first questions you’ll li... more
Server-Side Swift
AWS Lambda Tutorial for Swift: Getting Started
Swift is now available in the world of serverless functions via AWS Lambda! Get started deploying your first ... more
Server-Side Swift
Kitura Stencil Tutorial: How to make Websites with Swift
Build a web-based frontend for your Kitura API using Stencil, in this server-side Swift tutorial!
Server-Side Swift
Introduction to Metrics in Server-Side Swift
In this Server-Side Swift tutorial you will learn how to use Vapor built-in metrics and how to create custom ... more
Server-Side Swift
Database Migrations with Vapor
In this Server-Side Swift tutorial, see how to perform various migrations on your Vapor application database,... more
Server-Side Swift
Advanced PostgreSQL With Vapor
Learn to use advanced PostgreSQL functionalities, joining tables, views, indexes and full-text search in your... more
Server-Side Swift
Using CLion as an IDE for Server-Side Swift Apps on Linux
One of the best Swift IDEs on Linux is CLion. In this tutorial, you’ll set up CLion for Swift on Linux and bu... more
Server-Side Swift
File Handling Tutorial for Server-Side Swift Part 1
In this two-part file handling tutorial, we’ll take a close look at Server-side Swift file handling and distr... more
Server-Side Swift
Vapor and Job Queues: Getting Started
Using Vapor’s Redis and Queues libraries, learn how to configure, dispatch, and process various jobs in a que... more
Server-Side Swift
Database Migrations With Vapor
In this Server-Side Swift tutorial, learn how to perform database migrations with Vapor on your application d... more
Server-Side Swift
Kubernetes Tutorial for Swift on the Server
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Kubernetes to deploy a Kitura server that’s resilient, with crash r... more
Server-Side Swift
Server-Side Swift with MongoDB: Getting Started
In this Server-Side Swift tutorial you will learn how to setup MongoDB and use MongoKitten to run basic queri... more
Server-Side Swift
Creating an API Helper Library for SwiftNIO
In this SwiftNIO tutorial you’ll learn how to utilize the helper types from SwiftNIO to create an API library... more
Server-Side Swift
Templating Vapor Applications with Leaf
Use Leaf, Vapor’s templating engine, to build a front-end website to consume your server-side Swift API!
Server-Side Swift
Redis and Vapor With Server-Side Swift: Getting Started
Learn how to use the in-memory data store, Redis, and Vapor to cache objects by saving them in JSON, then con... more
Server-Side Swift
Getting Started With Server-Side Swift and Amazon Smoke
Do you find yourself wanting to leverage your Swift skills on the backend and don’t know where to start? In t... more
Server-Side Swift
Deploying Kitura with Docker & Kubernetes: Getting Started
Kitura servers built in Swift are pretty cool, but it’s even cooler to deploy them in the cloud! See how to ... more
Server-Side Swift
Beautifying Templated Websites with Leaf and Bootstrap
Use the Bootstrap framework to add styling to your templated Leaf pages, and see how to serve files with Vapo... more
Server-Side Swift
Server-Side Swift with Vapor
In this course you’ll learn everything you need to get start with Vapor, the Server-Side Swift web framewo... more
Multiple Domains
Beginning Git
In this introduction to using Git for source control you’ll learn everything from cloning and creating rep... more
Multiple Domains
Command Line Basics
A command line course for beginners! Explore the basics like manipulating files and directories, navigatio... more