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Flutter & Dart · 28 Results

Flutter & Dart Core Concepts
Flutter & Dart New
State Management With Provider
The Flutter team recommends several state management packages and libraries. Provider is one of the simplest to update your UI when the app state changes.
Flutter & Dart
State Restoration of Flutter App
Android and iOS interrupt application processes to optimize resource usage by killing the app, losing the app’s state. Here, you’ll explore clever state restoration techniques in Flutter.
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Accessibility: Getting Started
Learn how to improve the accessibility of your Flutter app by providing more semantic details for screen readers and following other items from Flutter’s accessibility checklist.
Flutter & Dart
Dart Mixins Tutorial for Flutter: Getting Started
Learn about Flutter mixins, which help you implement some of the OOPs methodologies such as inheritance and abstraction in Dart.
Flutter & Dart
Dart Extensions Tutorial: Improve your Flutter Code
Learn how to take your Flutter skills to the next level and make your code reusable with one of Dart’s most useful features: Dart extensions.
Flutter & Dart
Beginning Flutter Debugging
Learn the basics of debugging and explore how to resolve common errors that Flutter developers face during app development.
Flutter & Dart
Managing State in Flutter
State management is a key aspect of working with Flutter. There are lots of different solutions with lots of different approaches. In this course, you’ll learn about the base tools provided by Flutter and then learn how to use the Google recommended state management solution, Provider.
Flutter & Dart
Programming in Dart: Classes
In this final course in the Programming with Dart series, you’ll be introduced to one of the most important aspects of the language: classes. You’ll learn how to define your own classes and how to use the object oriented features in the Dart programming language.
Flutter & Dart
Programming in Dart: Functions & Closures
You’ll continue to build on the lessons taught in the Programming in Dart series by learning how to write functions to maximize code reuse as well as to filter and map collections. You’ll also be introduced to self-contained functions called closures to take your Dart code to the next level.
Flutter & Dart
Bloc 8.0 Tutorial for Flutter: Getting Started
Learn how to build a Wordle clone app in Flutter using one of the most robust state management libraries: Bloc 8.0.
Flutter & Dart
Your First Flutter App: Polishing the App
This is a sequel to “Your First Flutter App: An App from Scratch” where you’ll complete the app into a polished final product that will work both on iOS and Android.
Multiple Domains
Another Look at Flutter with Brian Kayfitz – Podcast S12 E09
Brian Kayfitz returns to the show to talk to Dru and Susannah about how Flutter has grown, changed, and most importantly why you should be using it.
Multiple Domains
Debugging Layout Issues Using the Widget Inspector
In this article, you’ll see how layouts are constructed as well as learn about the Widget Inspector and how to use it to solve common layout errors in an app.
Flutter & Dart
Dart Null Safety in Flutter
All Flutter versions since Flutter 2 support Sound Null Safety. Strange as it may seem at first, this is to help you as a developer! In this course, see how to use Dart Null Safety to your advantage, and build apps faster and more reliably. Use null aware operators, the new “late” and “required” keywords, and understand how to automatically migrate your older null unsafe code to the newer Flutter versions.
Multiple Domains
Flutter Navigator 2.0: Using go_router
Go beyond Flutter’s Navigator 2.0 and learn how to handle navigation with the go_router package.
Flutter & Dart
Your Second Flutter App
Continue along your Flutter and Dart journey by building your second complete app in Flutter, learning about making network calls, showing data in a list, and more!
Flutter & Dart
VS Code Tips & Tricks
Become a VS Code power user with tips and tricks such as keyboard shortcuts, editing tips and utilizing the goodness of extensions.
Multiple Domains
Adding Micro-Interactions With AnimatedSwitcher
Learn how to add micro-interactions to your Flutter app using AnimatedSwitcher.
Flutter & Dart
Dart Basics
Get an introduction to the basics of the Dart programming language, used for development with the Flutter SDK for mobile, web and beyond.
Flutter & Dart
Stateful vs Stateless Widgets in Flutter
Dive into the world of the two main types of widgets in Flutter and learn about their features and differences and when to use each one.
Multiple Domains
Flutter Navigator 2.0 and Deep Links
With Flutter’s Navigator 2.0, learn how to handle deep links in Flutter and gain the ultimate navigation control for your app.
Multiple Domains
Theming a Flutter App: Getting Started
Learn how to make your app stand out by styling widgets, creating a dynamic theme, and toggling between available themes.
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Interview Questions and Answers
In this article, you’ll work through a series of Flutter and Dart job interview questions and answers.
Multiple Domains
State Management With Provider
See how to architect your Flutter app using Provider, letting you readily handle app state to update your UI when the app state changes.