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Server-Side Swift · 22 Results

Server-Side Swift Language
Server-Side Swift
A Complete Guide to Swift Development on Linux
In this tutorial you’ll discover everything you need to start developing Swift on Linux. You’ll learn about LLDB, using SourceKit-LSP, syntax highlighting and the power of autocomplete.
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What’s New in Swift 5.1?
Swift 5.1 is finally out! This article will take you through the advancements and changes the language has to offer in its latest version.
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Swift Generics Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn to write functions and data types while making minimal assumptions. Swift generics allow for cleaner code with fewer bugs.
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Advanced Swift: Error Handling
Production code is all about handling errors: programming errors, user input errors, asynchronous errors. This course covers the error fundamentals you need to know.
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Advanced Swift: Unsafe Memory Access
Did you know you can call C-malloc straight from Swift? Swift lets access the machine at its lowest level. This course will show you how.
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Advanced Swift: Memory Management
Memory management works like magic most of the time - until it doesn't. Find out what you need to watch out for in this course.
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Advanced Swift: Sequences, Collections and Algorithms
Sequences, collections and algorithms in the Swift language are an amazing abstraction that you really need to know about. Learn the details in this course.
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Advanced Swift: Types and Operations
An idea central to Swift is to use types to guarantee correctness. Find out how in this course focused on types and operations.
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Advanced Swift: Values and References
Swift mutation model uses values and references to improve local reasoning and maintain performance. Find out the details in this course.
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Advanced Swift: Generics and Protocols
The generics system and protocols are the heart of the Swift language. Learn how it all fits together in this course.
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Advanced Swift: Protocol Oriented Programming
Swift protocol oriented programming gives you the power of object oriented programming with better composability and without the baggage of class inheritance.
Server-Side Swift
Kitura Tutorial: Getting Started With Server-Side Swift
Do you wish your iOS skills worked on the backend? This Kitura tutorial will teach you to create RESTful APIs written entirely in Swift.
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What's New in Swift 5: ABI Stability
Swift 5.0 has arrived and with it comes one of the most anticipated features yet - ABI Stability!
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Getting to Know Enum, Struct and Class Types in Swift
Learn all about enums, structs, and classes in Swift, including value vs reference semantics, dynamic member lookup, and protocol conformance.
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Swift Tutorial Part 3: Flow Control
Welcome to part 3 of our Swift tutorial, where you’ll learn how code decisions using Booleans and repeat tasks using loops to control the flow.
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Swift Tutorial Part 2: Types and Operations
Welcome to the second part of this learning Swift mini-series, where you’ll learn to use strings, type conversion, type inference and tuples.
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Swift Tutorial Part 1: Expressions, Variables and Constants
Welcome to our mini-series on getting started with programming in Swift! In this series, you’ll learn some Swift programming basics using playgrounds.
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What's new in Swift 4.2 - Miscellaneous Changes
Swift 4.2 added a lot of polish that can affect your day-to-day coding. This screencast covers some of them.
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What's new in Swift 4.2 - New Sequence Methods
Swift 4.2 refined some of the syntax dealing with finding the first instance of an item in a collection, as well as some new ones to find the last instance.
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What's New in Swift 4.2 - Dynamic Member Lookup
Swift 4.2 added a new easy to use dynamic member lookup attribute to give your classes dot syntax access for custom subscript calls.
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What's new in Swift 4.2 - Random API
One of the additions in Swift 4.2 is a set of API designed to make working with random numbers easier than ever before.
Server-Side Swift
Server-Side Swift with Kitura
Learn how to create Server-Side Swift apps with Kitura.