Android Avalanche Giveaway Winners – and Last Day for Discount!

Check out who won our Android Avalanche launch giveaway – and don’t forget today is the last day for the 20% off bundle discount! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Android Avalanche Giveaway Winners – and Last Day for Discount!

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Over the past two weeks, we’ve released tons of new books, screencasts, and video courses Android and Kotlin development, in the Android Avalanche.

To celebrate, during this two week period we’re offering a bundle of all of our new Android + Kotlin Content for 20% off – and we’re giving away a few copies to a few lucky readers.

Keep reading to find out who the winners are – and how to get the discounted bundle before it’s too late!

Android Avalanche Giveaway Winners

To enter the giveaway, all you had to do was reply to the announcement post with the answer to one simple question:

Why are you interested in our new Android books, courses, and screencasts?

We’ve randomly selected 3 winners, who each win a free copy of the Android Avalanche Bundle. Below is each winner, and their (abbreviated) quote:

1) vakas

“As an avid iPhone user and developer from Pakistan, I’ve learnt SO much from Hailing from Pakistan, a place where coding and development is still faaaaar from flourishing, you guys have saved me time and time again! Recently switched to Android development at work. And now I get an android version of you guys? I AM FLOORED. Christmas presents just got here early!” —vakas

2) epinaud

“I would like to port my apps written for iOS into Android, but have no clue how to do it.” —epinaud

3) chlkdst

“Never stop learning! Hope to get lucky super package!” —chlkdst

Congratulations! We will be in touch soon to deliver your prizes.

Last Day for Discount!

Finally I’d like to remind everyone that today is the last day for the 20% discounted Android Avalanche Bundle.

Starting tomorrow, the bundle will no longer be available, so you’d need to purchase everything separately at their full price. So be sure to grab the discount while you still can!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Android Avalanche giveaway, bought the new books and courses, or simply read these posts. We truly appreciate your support in making this new area of our site possible.