Open Call for Android Screencasters

Do you enjoy learning new things and sharing your knowledge with the community? If so, we have a cool opportunity for you! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Do you enjoy learning new things and sharing your knowledge with the community?

If so, we have a cool opportunity for you! We are currently looking for some advanced developers to regularly make Android screencasts for our site.

The way it works is we assign you a tutorial from our site (like this Room DB tutorial), and you would then convert it into a series of 2-3 screencasts.

Basically the material is already done – you just need to focus on presenting the material in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

This is a paid part-time contracting gig that you can do in nights/weekends.

Keep reading to find out more about what’s involved, and how to apply!

Top 5 Reasons to be a Screencaster

Our screencasters Jessy and Catie!

I’ve made a bunch of screencasts in the past year, and I can personally say they’re a ton of fun to make. Here’s my top 5 reasons to be a Screencaster:

  1. They make a difference: It’s nice to see that the screencasts you make can make a difference. For example, a lot of people told me that the Vapor screencasts I worked on really helped them get over the hump of learning Server Side Swift, something they had struggled with before.
  2. They’re a great learning experience: Even when I feel I really know a subject, I always learn a ton by making the screencasts. You’ll also become a better presenter and public speaker – even if you’ve never made screencasts before, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to make screencasts in our high quality style.
  3. They get your “face” out there: It’s fun to write written tutorials, but they don’t give you that same face-to-face connection with the audience that videos do. Our large audience will get to know you as a subject matter expert on a more personal basis – and may even ask you for selfies at conferences! :]
  4. You can do it in your spare time: A screencast assignment is roughly equivalent in workload to creating 1 tutorial/month, which anyone can make time for no matter how busy they are.
  5. It’s paid! Each screencast assignment is paid, so it’s a great side gig. Plus as a team member, you’ll get free access to everything we make on our site, and access to special team-only opportunities and benefits.

Screencasting FAQ

What if I’ve never created a screencast before?

It’s OK if you’ve never created a screencast before, because we guide you through every step of the process.

We have detailed guides that explain everything you need to know, and we’ll work with you all along the way. You’ll be creating highly polished screencasts in no time!

How do the videos get edited?

After you record your footage, a separate team of video editors will edit all the footage and make you look great.

What are the first steps?

To ease you into things, the first step is a tryout where we give you some pre-made scripts and slides, which you’ll use to record a test screencast.

This is a good way to get familiar with the logistics of recording – such as getting good audio, camera set-up, and practice recording with energy and enthusiasm, and get some initial feedback from us before you create your first “real” screencast.

What is the workload?

The workload is about one tutorial -> screencast “conversion” per month (but we are flexible and can work with your schedule).

What other opportunities are available to screencasters?

If things go well with screencasting and you enjoy the process, you’re definitely welcome to create full video courses for our site later on.

But for now we’ll start simple with just screencasts, which you can record in the comfort of your office/home.

Where To Go From Here?

Wanna be like Sam?

If you’re interested in being a screencaster for our site, please send me an email with answers to following questions:

  • Please describe yourself and your Android experience. Please link to any relevant apps or projects.
  • Can you commit to making time in your schedule for one assignment/month for the next year?
  • Do you have any speaking experience? Please link to any videos of you speaking if available.
  • Have you watched any screencasts? If so, which ones?

Thanks so much – and stay tuned for some new screencasts made by our new team of screencasters! :]